About Us

What is Soya Money?

In this era where everyone has a mobile phone, making money online has never been so easy just like drinking soya milk. Soya money is a site which provides ways to earn money, understand potential investment, start up potential business and so.

Why does it call as Soya Money?

The reason why we name it as soya money because soya is cheap, affordable, and available everywhere. We wanted our user to understand that making money is just easy like pick up a soya bottle, put in the straw and start drinking. That’s It!

Is our money making guide or ways secure?

Well, nothing is 100% Secure.  We of course, will show our user the best and latest way of making money and with each and every guide, we will also stated the risk and minimum investment for it.

Is Soya Money Guide free?

Definitely Yes! We welcome everyone who are interested to make investment, share investment idea, make money idea to join our website to understand everyone better!