Trade Tokenize Real Estate with Alt.Estate

Buy A Fraction of Real Estates with Alt.Estate

Trade Tokenize Real Estate with Alt.Estate

Ever wonder how to buy real estates with your hard earned Crypto or Money?

Real Estate as Investment?

Buying real estates has been a famous invest initiative since the olden days. Especially the older generation, they are more towards with investment that has physical properties like Gold, Real Estates, or even antiques.

However, the generation had changes, selection of investment has been expanded and increase over time. We have choices of investment like stocks, bonds, options, futures, real estates and even the famous one Cryptocurrency.

Despite the money earn or money people wanted to invest in any of these instruments, each instrument has a different or minimum amount of investment required. This is also where most people who can’t afford to buy real estates are just putting their money in the bank. They are not confident in the Stocks, Forex market but only Real Estates because they don’t have access to financial knowledge. Yet, Real estates required a huge capital to invest in.

Real Estate

Problem with Real Estate as an investment

Real estate has been in the market for a very long time. However, there are several problems when we come to invest in real estate.

  • Lack of Liquidity
  • Lack of Transparency
  • High Transaction Cost
  • Limitation of Cross-Border Transaction
  • Complicated Process for Ownership Transfer

These are all the major problem when we come to investing in real estates.

First of all, huge capital required, even a very small apartment would be required at least a 5 Digit investment regardless of where it is resides. Next, the reason why real estate is having a really bad liquidity is that, whenever you wanted to sell a house or land. It takes time, and also not everyone wanted to buy it. This creates a problem when someone wanted to cash out or have a cash flow immediately because of the lack of liquidity.

Next, The lack of transparency. Most real estates firm now doesn’t disclose much of the information for the real estate which causes the issue like property scams, ownership transfer failure and etc. If you wanted to check a details of a real estate now, chances are you wouldn’t know

  • Whose the Owner
  • If the details are trustable
  • If the details are genuine and not fake

Furthermore, the process of investing in real estates is just awful. It has high transaction cost, limitation of cross-border investing in it and also the complicated process of ownership transfer. All of these problems fall under the same factors – Huge Workload of process

Advantage of Alt.Estate

Solutions of current Real Estate Market – Alt.Estate

Every problem comes with a solution, every solution comes with an enhancement. Integrating or moving the real estate industry into a revolution with the help of Blockchain is the solution here.

Despite Alt.Estate might not be the first real estate firms that be moving into the Cryptocurrency industry by implementing or enhance their platform with Blockchain. They offer several good advantages over all other projects which in our opinion, a very good approached.

When we come to real estate and cryptocurrency, most people would think “oh, its just another project that allows people to buy real estates with cryptocurrency, nothing special”. However, Alt.Estate is offering something more than that. Real estate Tokenization 

Advantages of using Alt.Estate

Low Entry Ticket – Allow investors/users to invest just a fraction of the real estates – Huge Capital Requirement is voided here because you can invest as low as $100

Low Transaction Cost – Blockchain offers more than what people can think, everything can be smart coded into the smart contract. Hence, remove the needs of middleman, third parties, and the huge workload. Problems solved here is the high transaction cost in the traditional real estate market.

Global Portfolio – There will be a huge portfolio instead of purchasing real estate of just one continent. offers properties all over the world. It solves the problems of Cross-Border limitation on investing in real estates.

Strong Expertise – They have completed more than $4 Billion worth of properties in the past, this shows great leadership and knowledge in the industry.

Investment Portfolio – By offering a global properties sales/investment, it allows the investors to actually manage their portfolio well by diversifying their investment.

Security and Protection – Security is the main concerned in every industry. The blockchain is proven to be safe and secure with a proper management of its algorithm and also the encryption. Blockchain creates a decentralized environment, thus, remove certain threats that we have usually seen in the centralized environment.

Tokenize Real Asset

Real Estate Tokenization – Purchasing just a fraction of a real estate

What is real estate tokenization?

Tokenization allows the real estate to be cut into fractions.

Is this going to really work out?

Tokenizing a real estate is something that is a big approach here. We have REITs in the traditional market which is also actually doing the same thing. Alt.Estate makes the process digital and transparent with the help of Blockchain.

Imagine, the user can just select the fraction of land like the image shown above. First, the user selects the fraction of the house they would like to purchase. Then they follow up by paying it and become one of the owners of the real estates. Regardless if they are from another country, have low investment capital, they are able to be part of this estates. It is a huge revolution towards the real estate industry.

Alt.Estate has already offered 3 real estates from USA, Japan, and EU by tokenizing it. Check it out and reserve your spot at Alt.Estate!

What can I do with these Tokenized Assets?

It offers more than what you can think here. People can buy/sell these assets to all the investors all across the world with the help of the Alt.Estate platform.

Next, one of these special features is that you can actually earn the “Rent income”. What does this mean? Users are able to earn from the rental that is collected without doing anything as long as you are an eligible owner of the real estates. Passive income is always lucrative when we come to real estate rental.

How would all these real estates be purchased?

All these real estates will be tokenized and have a mint of their own tokens on the Blockchain where everyone can see it completely transparent. Any people that would like to tokenize their real estate can do it through the platform. Everything is available there.

Once a real asset is tokenized, people can purchase the Alt token, which is the cryptocurrency used in the platform. The user will be able to purchase SQM Token with Alt token.

ALT Token = Token that will be used to pay or perform a transaction.

SQM Token = Each and every real estate that is tokenized will be assigned into SQM Tokens that has a unique ID with it. Each of these SQM Token represents the ownership of a real estate.

ICO Will be conducted soon within a month. For investors who are interested, you can proceed to apply for the private presale on the official website

For more information about Alt.Estate, kindly refer to

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