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Best Bitcoin Forex Brokers + eToro Platform Benefit

Best bitcoin forex brokers

Bitcoin forex trading is something that can provide you huge profits over a very short period of time. Any other kind of forex trading cannot provide the amount of profit that bitcoin forex promises you. But it depends on some volatile factors. Bitcoin’s rate is very shaky and always fluctuating. Because of that reason, sometimes you can incur huge losses as well, in similarly very short spans of time.

In this article, we will analyze the best bitcoin forex brokers – brokers that you can trust and which provide excellent services to their customers.

But please note that you need proper training and know-how before you get into this. Forex trading with bitcoin against global currencies can be risky and might make you lose your hard mined bitcoins in a snap. So, play safe.

Top bitcoin forex brokers 

  • eToro [Recommended Brokers] : eToro comes highly recommended as well. You can find mentions of eToro on many platforms. Although it is not really well rated, it’s solid and known to work efficiently.
Benefit Of Using eToro
Simple to use trading platformsSimplicity is key to ensuring everyone can trade efficiently
Social TradingCustomers can tap into the world’s largest investment network, benefiting from the collective wisdom of our vast trading community
Responsible tradingeToro provide customers with a myriad of tools to guide them throughout their first steps as a trader
Special PromotionseToro enjoy giving customers multiple opportunities to boost their investment capital
Follow And Copy TradeseToro customer has the opportunity to Copy Popular Investors in our investment network with a simple click of a button, copying their trades automatically

etoro copy trader

Best Feature in eToro

What is the best feature in eToro which the other platform doesn’t have?

The CopyTrading Function. Instead of following signals which provided by people and trade under doubt. With the copy trading feature, you can select the top traders from the list. The list shows how good and how much % of ROI they make. From there you can decide on which user you wanted to copy their deal.

If you are interested to try, kindly check it : Here

  • is a bitcoin broker that comes highly recommended. This proprietary technology has a minimum deposit limit of $100. With a lot of awards under the belt, is considered one of the top players of the industry. It’s easily one of the best bitcoin forex brokers out there.
  • 1Broker: 1Broker supports market execution only and is reliable to trade. It has certain complications, but people have created large sums of profit using 1Broker. If you are lucky, you will do good here.
  • FXOpen: Chances are you have already heard of FXOpen. FXOpen is strong on the marketing front, and this is one of the sites that I have not used or know much about. But still FXOpen is promising.
  • AvaTrade: Trading on AvaTrade is widely used and somewhat easy to comprehend. The platform is very interactive and caters to people of all ages. Established in 2006, AvaTrade is Ireland-based.

In conclusion

There are many, many more brokers and forex trading firms that allow bitcoin trading against global currencies, like UFX, TradeRush, FortuneJack, 1xBit, NovaFX, Trade360, 10Markets, BCapitalsFX, CaesarTrade, Evolve Markets, Profiforex, Whaleclub, ZARFX, etc. and some might even prove to be better, more reliable, easier to understand, or more profitable than the ones on the list.

So in the end, all that matters are your personal preferences. All sites provide different user interfaces while the underlying system of forex trading of bitcoin remains pretty much the same. On top of that, there are differing minimum limits, decimal pricing, execution methods, support systems, technical communities, etc. which decides the best forex site for you.

But in general (from a neutral point of view), it’s really difficult to say which one is the best bitcoin forex brokers. Don’t be sold to over the top promises. Always play safe. Bitcoin trading is risky business and you must know what you are doing, in full faith, before doing anything.

However, we will try to name the best bitcoin forex brokers for you – it’s AvaTrade for most beginners. They have a better and smoother user experience than most others, that’s why.

If you are lazy to setup, just want to run some bots and earn some profit. You can refer to best cryptocurrency trading bot