Interested to be an Forex IB? (Earn up to 60% Of Spread for every trade client made)

Partners Benefits

Hotforex Introducing Broker Program

Cryptocurrency, Forex are meant to be the fastest phase investment if we compare it to stocks or bonds.

Fast phase meaning that you can earn at least 5%-10% in a very short period compare to stocks or bonds

Hence, people can make huge money within a short period of timeframe. Same towards to people who bring in client to the specific platform like Binance.

Hotforex IB Program (Huge Earning Potential!)

Been in the Cryptocurrency scene for almost 2 year and just tried out on Forex platform recently and realise that
“If you think that earning money with Cryptocurrency is just way too fast, Forex is insane”
You could turn $100 to $500~$1000 within few minute period. (In the case you forecast the movement correctly else you burst on yourself)

Benefit of HotForex IB

  • REVENUE SHARE 60% – $15/LOT

How one Introducing Broker make money is very straightforward

  1. You Refer client to the platform
  2. For every trade they executed
  3. You get paid once he close the trade

As long as client can trade and make profit consistently.

  • Client Earn
  • You Earn
  • Company Earn

HotForex Partners Solutions

A rough idea on how much you can earn
1)Your client opened a 0.01 Lot size position (The minimum trading size to be opened in Forex)
2)He long EURUSD (Buy the pair where EUR will go up against USD) in 1.1691[B]0[/B], and he get out at 1.1691[B]5[/B], your client earn around $0.05 (0.00005 * 1000, because 0.01 lot = 1000)
3)You will earn around $0.05~$0.07 after he close his position

An approximate calculation of how much you can earn as an Introducing Broker

If you have 100 Trader under you, Each and every of them traded 0.1 Lot average daily
You would earn around 0.1 Lot Traded = $0.5 * 100 Person = $50/Daily

You can see how much you wanted your client to stay and survive as long as he/she can.

If you are interested to be one of the introducing broker, check it here