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Have anyone ever tried bitcoin dicing?

Bitcoin dicing is a dicing game where player roll a number within 0 – 99, player then wager bitcoin base on the winning rate and the reward they are looking for.

But did you ever think before, you can also be part of the online casino site and get part of the profit?

This is possible in

Who/What is Betking?

BetKing is an online casino which operate since April of 2013 and it became one of the most popular crowdfunded Bitcoin casino during the end of 2014. They have a lot of player and aside from that, they also offers invest option for the players. Players could invest their bitcoin into the bankroll of Betking and earn portion of the profit.

BetKing, had the most wagered volume compare to the other competitor gambling site. It has a wagered total amount of 400,000 Bitcoin. (WOW, It is around few hundred million!) The amount is almost more than all the competitor combined together.

In the 2016, BetKing were closed due to some technical issue and Developer does not have time for the project. The 6000 Bitcoin Bankroll was then returned to the investors.

Betking Stats

BetKing Comeback

During 26th of March, developer decided to relaunch BetKing.

The new platform will offer more games. Aside from Dicing

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

Both 2 game will be added and it will be provably fair! BetKing will also support multiple cryptocurrencies include the famous Ethereum, and also Litecoin. It will add more and more coins in the future.

The New BetKing also allows casino website owner to develop new games for the platform and BetKing will take care of the bankroll funds and security issues while the casino website owner could just focus on creating unique games.

More and more new games will be added to Based on our speculation, we could expect Betking to growth and capture back the market share after the ICO. The reason why is because Betking could easily attract a lot investor and built their bankroll with the ICO funds. Next, more and more casino game developer will join Betking because of its huge bankroll. Furthermore, there will be no need to worry of the security issue because Betking side will took care of everything. Casino game developer can just focus creating games without worrying other issue.

betking roadmap

Betking ICO – [For The Investors]

There will be total of 100,000,000 ~ 100Million BetKing Bankroll tokens that created as Ethereum ERC23 Tokens. The tokens will be issue after the ICO. Thus, this means there will be no more investing option in the Betking platform. The previous investing option of Betking is now converted into BetKing Bankroll Tokens.

Yet, not all the 100 Million BetKing Tokens will be available for sale. The 100Million Tokens will be distribute as below:

  • 70 million 
  • 30 million

70 Million token will be sold to the crowd sale participants. How is 70 Million token distributed? Betking ICO is unlike the recent trend of ICO where tokens is sale at fix price of X for first 1000BTC, Y for the next 2000BTC. It is calculated base on the total contribution to the crowdfunded bankroll.

Jack invested $100,000.
Total Crowdfunded Value : $1,000,000.
How much token will jack get? $100,000 / $1,000,000 * 100% = 10%
Jack will get 7 Million Token – 10% of 70,000,000 Betking Token

what happens to the leftover 30Million Betking token?

1% – Distributed as a bounty for people who promoted Betking.IO
29% – Testing Bounties, advisory, future marketing and development, and also job hiring.

The purpose of this 30Million funds is mainly used to help to built up casino and also create awareness for

How will the total fund be used?

50% of the total raised fund will be use for the house bankroll where the players can bet against it on

50% of the remaining will be use as mainly operation cost. Cost like marketing, promotions to attract new players, Search engine optimization, new web design, development enhancement, server and also legal cost.

50%/50% is well distributed according to the website.

Betking Dice

ICO Early Discounts

There will be great discounts offer for people who invest early in the initial coin offering (ICO). Therefore, grab your early chance to enter the ICO as early as possible because you could get extra token with the same deposit.
How much Discounts can we expect?

  • 1st week 15%
  • 2nd week 10%
  • 3rd week 5%
  • 4th week no discount

For previous Betking Bankroll investor, an extra 5% discount will be provided at no time limit as long as its during the Betking Crowdfund period.

For more information about the crowd sale, visit here

Benefit of Betking Token Holder

As we mentioned above, the token does not has a fix price for each token. The token price will be determine base on the total raised fund and divided by the crowdfund amount of tokens. Therefore, if $700,000 is raised, each and every Betking Bankroll Token will be worth $0.01.

  • Token Buy Back will perform the Buy back operation based on the total bankroll profit. 

How much will a token price be determined for buy back?

if $700,000 is raised, each and every Betking Bankroll Token will be worth $0.01. If profit for the total bankroll is $100,000,000. The buyback token price will be $1.01 
Why $1.01?
Profit $100,000,000 / 100,000,000 Total Betking Token = $1
$0.01 = Based on the Bankroll Token determined during ICO

Betking will offer to buy back up to 10% of a holder tokens base on the current buy back price.

Terms and condition [According to Betking]

  • The crowdsale will start on the 7th of August (00:00 UTC) and end on the 4th of September (00:00 UTC).
  • There is no cap on the total funds that can be raised.
  • There is no minimum amount needed to be raised for the crowdsale to be successful.
  • BetKing Bankroll Tokens are intended to be used to invest in the bankroll on BetKing only.
  • BetKing Bankroll Tokens are not a share in a company and have no voting rights.

For Soyamoney, we observe the whole operation of Betking since its launch, operation and also closed down. Betking is definitely a really great casino over the years.

  • Consistent profit
  • Provably fair
  • Paid every player
  • Attract tons of investors
  • No complain on Betking

Both player and investors find themselves satisfy with Betking since its launch. We are very optimistic with the relaunch of Betking. We strongly believe that Betking could be the huge online casino business that everyone will hope to be part of it, being a shareholder of Betking is something that you can be proud of! Thanks for reading

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