Betstreak ico

Betstreak: Be part of casino to earn profit instead of winning the casino

What is betstreak

Betstreak Casino

Betstreak is one of the few online casino which got their licensed and operate since August of 2016.

Notable Fact

  • Trusted and belongs to one of the most popular Bitcoin gambling sites
  • Total of 3,500,000 Euro and 1500 BTC Total Wagered
  • Over 2150 BTC profit
  • 8000+ registered player

It is not just an ordinary online casino, it is one of the few online casino which started to accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin! Furthermore, they also accept Fiat currencies like EUR, USD, CNY and more.

Betstreak ico

Betstreak ICO – Blockchain Casino ICO

To try and play in Betstreak, kindly try it at Betstreak. Platform has been operated for a year and it has tons of games especially if you are a slots lover.

But wait, today we are not going to talk mainly about what is Betstreak casino and how good it is. Yet, we are hereby to present you the chance of being part of Betstreak and earn income from their casino! Are you one of the people who never win when gambling? If yes, then you should consider to be part of them! Before we get into it, let us look at Betstreak Achievement and Roadmap

Why should investors invest in Betstreak ICO?

Betstreak Awards and Media

Betstreak Past Awards

What a pretty model there in the booth? Well that’s not the main point hey

Betstreak has been consistently participating in gaming expos, award fairs and more events. This proves that Betstreak are serious about their business and is dedicated towards this project. It is a positive point which shows why people should invest in their ICO.

Betstreak ico timeline

Dedicated Road Map

As mentioned Betstreak are dedicated towards their project. Therefore, they would also have their own clear vision and roadmap on what should be achieve within a time frame.

As the ICO will be held within September to October, there will be games expansion in Betstreak and they are going to get the Malta Gaming license too in the Q4 of 2017.

Best part in Q4 of 2017 and reason to invest in Betstreak ICO – Development of MCPA

MCPA – Multi Coin Platform API

The main function of this API is to allow different cryptocurrency to be played with existing casinos platform. Currently most casino only accepts the mainstream cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and the big one.

MCPA allows more cryptocurrencies like ETC, BCH and even more to be used. Furthermore, players don’t need to worry that their coins value will be loss when deposit.

Why is MCPA good?

Because it is an API which is not only used in Betstreak, it offers other online casino to use this API and charged a fees of the usage of MCPA. Hence, it can be generating more revenue towards Betstreak casino and also the investors.

betstreak payment partners

Reliable Gaming Partners and Payment Channel

For people who been playing casino online. Skrill, Neteller or Bitcoin should always be something that they are looking for. Majority of an online casino doesn’t accept Paypal because it is easy to get chargeback which would results loss in their business. Thus, Paypal is not accepted in Betstreak too.

Moreover, Betstreak has good gaming software partners like Softbet, Betsoft and others. Games provided by these software parties are proven to be fun and provably fair. Hence, there will be no risk or issue like scam or unfair play in Betstreak.

Betstreak ICO

Token sale structure

Pre-Sale -30% Bonus1300 BST
Week 1 -20% Bonus1200 BST
Week 2 -10% Bonus1100 BST
Week 3 -5% Bonus1050 BST
Week 4 -0% Bonus1000 BST
  • ICO Date =  October 1st 2017 to Nov 1st 2017
  • 120,000,000 BST will be distributed proportionately to all contributors based on contribution tranches in 2 weeks time.
  • Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC

ICO price for each Bet Streak Token(BST)

0.001 ETH , around $0.2~0.3 per BST depends on the market price of ETH

Benefit of holding BST Tokens

Profit-Sharing and Spending on Betstreak through MCPA

How much Profit is shared?

Betstreak will retain 25% of the Net Gaming Revenue to payout to existing BST token holders Bi-yearly

When will profit be paid?

Bi-Yearly, 2 times in a year

The Next Revenue Sharing Timeline?

Q3 of 2018

Can i sell BST Tokens to others?

Yes, it will be tradeble and listed on exchanges during the Q4 of 2017


Lets finished by a short review. If you are a casino lover and also someone who is looking to invest especially in the blooming stage of cryptocurrencies, Betstreak ICO is one that you are looking for.

Next, It is indeed a stable and A rated ICO due to the operation time and the dedication of team of the online casino. Moreover, return of investment (ROI) might not be real quick compare to most other ICO but in the long term, Betstreak will definitely generate a real good profit for the Bet Streak Token Holders because casino always win in the long run.

Finally, always invest at your own risk and ICO is never meant to be quick profit. A long term speculations towards a project might worth more than a quick flip of investment.

Good luck!

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