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Bitcoin or Ethereum

Bitcoin Or Ethereum

When you are asked, which one is better lion or shark? What will be your answer? Similarly, the answer to the question whether it is Bitcoin or Ethereum, which one is better differs from one person to another. The answer differs based on different factors. It can be stated that one is better than the other in one situation, but in another situation, vice versa can be stated. However, let me highlight some fundamental differences between them:

Difference in purpose:

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is turning out to be an alternative to currency these days. On the other hand, ethereum is a platform that helps with running decentralized applications.

Difference in supply:

The supply of Bitcoin is at depreciation mode. The entire amount of Bitcoin currencies ever produced is limited. On the other hand, the supply of ethereum is in an exponential mode as the supply is unlimited.

Security aspect:

When talking about security aspect, Bitcoin has a simple and restricted security. The language built-in is stateless and task-based. This is the reason why it will not be possible for anyone to express a loop and there are certain programs that are not possible to write.

As far as ethereum is concerned, it has a rich built-in programming language, which is turning complete. The meaning is that if you are good at coding, you can code anything you like. The more complex you write, there are more opportunities to make errors.


When talking about adoption, Bitcoin has a better advantage as compared to ethereum. The reason is that it is already popular and there are good sources from where you can get Bitcoin currencies. In addition, there are already stores that accept Bitcoin currencies for exchanging their products with consumers. On the flip side, ethereum is younger and not that much popular. It functions with the motto of ‘move fast and break things’. Even though the creators of ethereum has learned from Bitcoin and corrected some issues, the community is still smaller and so this community has more developers as against speculators.

Key differences of Bitcoin and Ethereum:

Apart from the above-mentioned differences in the base aspects, there are also other key differences between these two different alternatives to currencies.

Block time:

In the case of Bitcoin, the average block time is about 10 minutes. On the other hand, ethereum aims for 12 seconds. This is possible because of the Ghost protocol of ethereum. When the block time is faster, the confirmations will be quicker.

Transaction cost:

Apart from the above-mentioned differences, these two investment options also cost their transactions in different ways. In the case of ethereum, it is referred to as gas and the transaction costing relies on their bandwidth usage, complexity, and storage needs. In the case of Bitcoin, the transactions are restricted by the size of the block and they compete with each other in equal pace.


In the present situation, investing in both these options is good. But, irrespective of these options you choose for investing, it is better to develop your knowledge before investing, such that you can make the right moves to get better returns.