Cartaxi ico

CarTaxi : Blockchain Uber service for towing your “Car”

Cartaxi ico

Cartaxi – Car Towing Service with Blockchain Integrated

Let us introduce you people, Cartaxi. A service for your car.

Don’t get us wrong, this ain’t taxi service that you are using like “Uber” or the taxi you saw on the street. Instead, this taxi service is meant to be serving for your vehicles. It is not use to fetch human beings hey!

What is Car Towing?

Did you guys ever see cars are getting drag by a larger vehicles like a lorry? Yeah that’s what car towing is. Car towing is usually used when vehicles breakdown, accidents, or even moving vehicles to your new house. As it will be danger to drive a vehicles that already had issue which could cause unnecessary accidents. Or you can’t move multiple car if you are alone right?

Problem with Car Towing

We have “Uber” for our taxi service, but where is our “Uber” for Car Towing service? The current problem that car towing is that it still falls under the traditional business model. Unlike what the current trending area, car towing still work the old way. Search for Car Towing service, made call and wait for the people to arrive.

Furthermore, people who born in the 20’s are not familiar with the current specification of vehicles as the current vehicles are widely different compare to vehicles in the past.

Cartaxi info

CarTaxi – Solution for Traditional Car Towing Service

It is taking Car Towing service into the digital era instead of the traditional brick and mortar model.

CarTaxi is currently a working application that are serving 30 thousand clients, with 6000 over supplies. Service is now applicable in 38 cities and it will just take around 14 minutes for the car towing person to reach.

Next, with blockchain integrated into the CarTaxi Application, the payment now uses decentralized blockchain technology to process payment worldwide. Blockchain offers transparency for the entire payment system, therefore it allows the Admin to check on if users did make payment or did not.

Cartaxi region

CarTaxi Service Region

As of September of 2017, CarTaxi is currently a working application which offers service in the Russia Region, it will then follow by US, Chinese market and follow by worldwide.

To understand more about what is CarTaxi about, look at the video below


How Cartaxi Work

How To Use CarTaxi?

It is very simple, if you know how to use booking service like “Uber” through a mobile phone, you would know how you can use CarTaxi.

  1. It is necessary to download the application of course, you can download it in both Android and IOS market.
  2. Follow by entering your vehicle details and save it for references.
  3. Payment is safe and secured because user only pays when towing destination is reached, user can decide to pay with either cash or card.
  4. The system are able to decide what would be the suitable truck which could help in towing the car base on the algorithm of neural network in their system.
  5. Cost and estimation arrival time will be display after order is confirm.
  6. Create an order and just wait for the truck to come, the nearest and suitable towing truck will arrive and assist you!
cartaxi icoCarTaxi ICO

Aside from using the car towing service, the main thing for this CarTaxi is their ICO!

You could even be part of CarTaxi by participating their ICO.

Why? Because if you own the CarTaxi Token(CTX), you are entitled to monthly profit. 25% of monthly profits will be distributed to CTX holders! Passive income by being part of the CarTaxi.

Where can i buy CTX Tokens? I wanna be one of the holder!

User can buy it here ICO

CarTaxi ICO Sale Date

  • Start date: 29 Sep 2017
  • End date: 29 Oct 2017

Price of CTX Token

  • 1 CTX = 0,000443 ETH / $0,155
  • 1 ETH = 2255 CTX

Total Tokens sale in ICO

  • 487.500.000 CTX tokens (97,5%) to be sold.

For more information about CarTaxi, Kindly refer on

Official Website