Cindicator – Hybrid Intelligence Indicator that every traders needed

Cindicator – Hybrid Intelligence Indicator


Investor? Trader? Speculator?

Hello everyone, we truly believe that you guys (our readers) falls under any of it, right?

Everyone who are in the cryptocurrencies are always looking for tips, signals, news to find out coins that could go moon so they could make a huge profit. 

But wait, there’s a problem. How do we know that if the trading tips and advice is genuine but not bias? Then, how can we ensure that the news published is not bias but being neutral? No one can assure anything. People are required to look into forums, communication groups like Slack, Telegram, discussion with others and etc etc.. to find out if a coins will grow in its price. Hence, people predict and speculate.


Cindicator – Hybrid Financial Analysis Tool

If you are still feeling fear or skeptical towards others advice, suggestions or news. 

There’s no need to worry anymore when you have Cindicator.

What is Cindicator? Who is Cindicator? Why can i be worry free with Cindicator?

Cindicator is a hybrid intelligence tool for effective asset management, you can consider it as a company which provide a financial tools for the user. “Why worry free with Cindicator? it is just the same financial signals that i could find it in google” If you think so, you are wrong and we will tell you why you will be satisfied with this tools.

Normal Financial Signaling tool uses technical analysis to forecast the movement of price

Cindicator is not just a normal signaling tool, it is a hybrid intelligence financial tool.

This means that instead of just technical analysis from the system itselves, it collect/obtain forecasted results from the users. After collecting the data, the forecast tools will then analyse and compare the data. Comparing it with the technical analysis movement in the past, an unbiased, genuine forecasted result will be generated with the tool.

Cindicator Prediction

Is there any product that has been launched by Cindicator?

Most ico are just ideas or future plans that is just an empty promise. However, Cindicator is different from any other ico. Cindicator has already a working application in both IOS and Android, feel free to try it with the download link below

This applications allow user to participated in forecasting on most of the financial instruments like Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities and more.

Moreover, this is just not a plain forecasting tools like the other tools.

Cindicator allows user to make predict or forecast on the instruments, follow by earning points and show themselves on the leaderbord. Isn’t that cool?

If you think the leaderboard is cool, the next feature would be superb for you. As currently, the monthly top user who got the highest point in the leaderbord could get real money prize. Yes, we mean, Real Money Prizes. (Cash Prizes in BTC)

Soon, instead of just Real Money Prizes. CND Tokens will also be awarded for people who contributed in the financial forecast. CND Tokens are tokens that is created by Cindicator.

Cindicator Token

About CND Token

CND Tokens are tokens that is distributed by the Cindicator Team. Why do they need to launch this ICO? Fundraising. 

  • 55% of funds will be used in development, scientific work, infrastructure development and creation and enhancement of the Hybrid Intelligence platform.
  • 20% of funds will be the portfolio funds for the Hybrid Intelligence portfolio, it will be use to make trades to make up history of transaction based on the forecast results. This helps on growing the demand and interest of the Cindicator products.
  • 10% of funds will be used on marketing to create awareness of the project itself.
  • 15% leftover funds will be used in legal supports, prize reward for forecasting, partnerships and growing the hybrid intelligence platform.
Benefit of holding CND Tokens

I think majority of user would be interest on asking what is the benefit of participating the ICO, there are several benefit of holding CND Tokens.

By buying the tokens, Users

  • Are entitle to get exclusive access to the hybrid intelligence platform infrastructure in beta/alpha mode, even if it is under construction.
  • Can access the trading portfolio of the Cindicator Team which is not publicly shared.
  • User who bought the tokens has also priority access on certain future products.
  • Buyback (Very Great Benefit to increase the overall value of CND Tokens)

Every Quarter, a record of investment through the funds will be recorded to form a CND fund pool. In the case of positive investment portfolio, Cindicator team will buy back the CND tokens from the exchange and burn it. What does burning tokens means? Burning tokens means buying back tokens from the user and permanently remove it from the supply.

When supply of a coins become lower, the demand will eventually become better.

Cindicator ICO

Cindicator ICO Detail
  • Token Initial : CND
  • Token Hard Cap : $15,000,000
  • Tokens distribution : 100%
  • Token sale date : 12th of September 2017 to 12 of October 2017

Participants need to get whitelist to participate in the ICO. Sign up here : 

Thanks for reading and Soyamoney strongly believes that this project could get fund up within a very short time frame. Good luck on getting whitelist and participate in the ICO.

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