Coindash : Etoro for the Cryptocurrency Industry


What is Coindash?

Coindash – A Crypto Based Social Trading Platform

Have you ever used E-Toro? Visit E-Toro. E-Toro is also a Social Trading Platform that has been launch years ago.

What’s a Social Trading Platform?

Similar to normal trading platform like Bittrex, Poloniex and all other exchanges. Except it included socialized element into the trading platform. What does it mean?

You can find out information like

  • Other user’s trading portfolio
  • Best performing investors within a time period ( Week or Month )
  • Discover New Opportunities of trading instruments

coindash portfolio

CoinDash CopyTrade

The best part of social trading platform in Coindash is the feature that allow user to Copy Trade . By Copy Trading, user are able to auto trade by Copying the trade of the selected user. 

If you are a user that has no knowledge in trading, or doesn’t know how to read the trading charts. Coindash is the platform that will solve your issue. Why? By browsing through the Best Performing Investor List, user can access to their portfolio, user could check on the trades the investor perform. We can know if a user is good at trading by just monitoring his portfolio.

Once monitoring the user’s profile, we can decide whether we wanted to copy his trade. By Copying the user’s trade, every trade will be automated. Traders will just need to deposit the amount of money that are going to be invested and trades will be auto copy and trade. 

There’s no issue if the user that you wanted to copy trade with 10 Bitcoin but you only has 1 Bitcoin, it uses scale by Percentage. Yet, client are required to check on the best amount of money that is require to perform the best trade.

Coindash benefit

Benefit of using CoinDash

Tools Provided

First of all, the tools provided which are the Charts and Graphs in Coindash is amazing. It helps the user by giving them the deep insight and the current information about of coin before user invest or trade the coins, this provide the traders with information and helps them to made a better decision before they purchase.

Social Trading

Trading in CoinDash, you wouldn’t be alone. Because everyone has access to everyone’s portfolio, therefore it creates interaction between user, this turns out that this trading platform isn’t just something to trade, but also socialize. Who knows you might meet your mentor for trading here, or guide your mentee to be successful as you?


The good part in Coindash, the marketplace. This is not a marketplace to sell product, but it create opportunities for the users who uses Coindash. It will be integrated with a series of features like

  • Real-Time Social Trading Signals
  • ICO Dashboard – Provides ICO Insights
  • Real Time Market Price Table
  • Trending Assets/Coins that are rising

Coindash Partner

CoinDash Initial Crowdfund Offering

CoinDash Token – CDT

CDT will has a total of 1,000,000,000 to be created. [1 Billion Supply]

The main purpose of CDT Token is to use to pay as a fee for using the feature in CoinDash, just like paying for trading fee in an exchange.

Benefit of holding CDT Token

As mentioned, the user’s in CoinDash will pay CDT Token as a fee for using the features in the exchanges. When there is more and more user trading on CoinDash, it means that more CDT Token will be purchased in order to use the feature or services. It is use to create a direct relationship between the success of platform and the value of token itself.

The more people who use the platform, the more fees will be paid, the more CDTs will be bought ultimately pushing the price of them up.

ICO Date : Take place in July 2017, Stay Tuned!

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