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Introduction to

Coss stands for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution, it is a company/platform where offers the financial tools or financial platform for everyone to adopt with the recent growing cryptocurrency trends. The cryptocurrency is making a big step towards and is bringing in more and more people into the scene and it is currently a huge industry which multi billions of dollar traded daily. wanted to make cryptocurrency become more than it should be, or we can say that believe that if we could do trading, E-commerce, provide merchants tools, make E-wallet with the use of Fiat currencies like $USD $SGD and more, believe that they can do it better with the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Etc. The potential of providing the listed features with cryptocurrency technology integrated might push the financial scene to the next level.


Problems with Fiat Currencies

There are quite a number of issues with the Fiat currencies while using it in our lives like

  • instability of currency
  • problem with credit card not authorized
  • security issues
  • and more.

However, the main issue that we would like to point out is that we don’t have a currencies that everyone can use.

Perhaps you are someone from Singapore, you wanted to purchase something from a Russia online shop. Then, you realised that the online retail shop only accepts payment with Yandex, but they doesn’t allow $SGD bank in, this is where you couldn’t purchase anything. This is similar to other country, and also similar cases and usually involve with payment processors. 

Solution with integrate both cryptocurrency and fiat in the platform integrated both payment channel with cryptocurrency and fiat allows everyone from anywhere to process their payment, trades with the platform.

By offering multiple types of payment method, this will satisfied most of the customers because they are not stuck with just one payment option while they could just pay with cryptocurrency where it is easy to obtain through online exchanges or locals.

What is Coss Token?

On top, we already has a basic introduction on what is and what they are actually doing. But what is this Coss Token? If you are attracted because we mentioned that user can earn revenue by holding Coss Token, you are in the right place.

Coss is a platform which contains all the feature of digital economical system based on cryptocurrencies and the main product of is

  • POS/Payment Gateway
  • Exchange
  • Merchant Listing
  • Marketplace
  • E-wallet
  • More 

Despite we has too many product or feature available on the platform, the main application in that will generate great revenue will be based on POS and Exchange. The exchange is already a working product where you could see it here

Benefit of Holding Coss Token

As mentioned on top, you can earn passive revenue by just holding the token and as long as operates in the long run, you will receive lifetime profit.

Profit is distributed weekly and it is a really great deal. Why? because most other revenue distribution base project has paid in a basis of Monthly or Quarterly which is kinda long.

How much can you earn?

According to the company whitepaper, 50% of the fees generated from the transactions will be distributed to the token holders. How much could you expect to earn?

Fees is earn through Withdrawal fees | Exchange transaction fee | Payment gateway

We will give an example of calculation on just the Exchange transaction fee.

” The fees begin with 0.2% of the taker and maker’s fee, and end at 0.04% derived from transactions “


Profit Calculation

We will use just 0.04% as the lowest fee possible for both taker and marker. Based on CoinmarketcapCoss trading platform has $150,000 trading volume in 24 hour. 

$150,000 * 0.04% = $60 per day 

$150,000 * 0.04% * 7 = $420 per week

$420 / 200,000,000 Coss Token = $0.0000021 per Coss Token Hold * 50% [Revenue]

Profit is less than what you think? Look on the other way. is still consider as a brand new exchange and it is already generating $150,000 trading volume before it’s ICO for expansion. Lets look at few months later when it growth bigger after the ICO.

$5,000,000 * 0.04% = $2,000 per day

$5,000,000 * 0.04% * 7 = $14,000 per week

$14,000 / 200,000,000 Coss Token = $0.00007 per Coss Token Hold * 50% [Revenue]

Does it look better now? This is just 0.1% of the total market share

Roadmap Of Roadmap

We can understand that is a professional and determined team as they have a clear mission and vision since the launch of Furthermore, a proper whitepaper shows how visionary the team can be and the preparation and research made to succeed in the path of ICO.

About Token ICO

Finally, here’s the information that is important for people who wanted to invest into the project

Coss Token Allocation Plan

Maximum Supply200,000,000 COSS
Fire Swap25,000,000 COSS (Ended)
Coss Token Swap (ICO)130,000,000 COSS [ 8/8/2017 – 6/9/2017 ]
Developer/Staff/Partners30,000,000 COSS
COSS Affiliate Program10,000,000 COSS
Shareholders/BOD/Advisory Board5,000,000 COSS Token 

  • Start on 8/8/2017 to 6/9/2017
  • Sale at price of 600 COSS : 1 ETH
  • Bonus token period during Day 1-5 | 6-10 | 11-15 |16-20 |21-2526-30
  • Grant bonus of 15% | 10% | 8% | 6%4% | 0% Token accordingly

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