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♠ Cryptocopy – Copy and Invest like how others invest ♠

CryptoCopy – Invest like how others invest by Copying them! ♠


Are you someone that has just been in the cryptocurrency scene for less than 1 year? or some enthusiast that been playing with Bitcoin since several years ago?

If you are on of them, you might have watched on how much Cryptocurrency Bloomed in the 2017 and how much Bitcoin jumped since the January of 2017. Nothing can be said, its certainly more than a word “Amazing”.

Despite if you are just someone who got in touched with Bitcoin several months ago, you put $1,000 in Bitcoin 1 month ago at the price of $4,400 per Bitcoin. Your $1,000 would worth around $1,700 right today. People have been saying that only people who are stupid invest in Bitcoin. Guess what? People who are “stupid” just multiplied their networth by just holding something that others called “stupid”.

However, are you looking to make more instead of just waiting for the Bitcoin value to goes up? Holding 1 Bitcoin would result you 1 Bitcoin no matter how many years later. But trading Bitcoin to other coins like Ethereum, Litecoin and Etc the right way would increase your holding to more than a Bitcoin. Be honest, everyone wants to have that great trading skills to make a good living by just trading.

Dilemma of choosing a coin

Problem Of Trading

Efforts and Time Management

Not everyone is born to be professional of course. Especially in the financial markets, researching, analyzing and trading takes a lot of effort to mastered it. Example, you are someone who would need to work for 10 hours a day, and you would need to work every weekend. Do you think that you would have time to perform market research?

Inner Talent and Trading Style

Next, not everyone has the time or the right inner skills to learn. You, me, him or she falls under different hobby, different point of interest, different studies of industry. Different people have different sets of trading skills, strategies. Thus, this would result a different trading records and results because some people like to trade it safe, some like to play with the risky flow. Style of trading has always been something crucial on how you grow your networth.

Certain people would prefer the trading portfolio of:

  • 80% Safe / 10% Medium / 10% Risky

But, there are people who would prefer to have a trading portfolio of:

  • 40% Safe / 60% Medium + Risky

There’s nothing right or wrong about it, everyone are still looking to increase their portfolio value in the end of the day.

Advice from others

There’s always people who are seeking for advice on others. Questions like “What coins should i buy in the 2017?” , “What ICO to participate?” and etc were always thrown to the community.

So perhaps John might have a better trading skills than Bob, How can John help Bob with his trading skills? He cannot just advice him on which pairs to trade and so because everyone has their own time. How can we make sure that Bob would not blame John if the investment went the wrong way? How can we assure that John didn’t lie about his skills to Bob?

Cryptocopy Traders UI

Cryptocopy – Copy Investment from the Top Traders

Are you looking for the solution to it? Yes, Cryptocopy is the solution that everyone who is looking for. Regardless if you are a beginner traders or a professional traders. As we can see on top, the platform allow users to see how much profits/loss one traders has made. Then, we can also see what are the coins that the user is trading too. Moreover, you could see how they perform in the past to decide whether to follow their trading methods.

What does Cryptocopy offers?

Cryptocopy is like a tool for trading, and also a platform for the crypto trading. There’s a lot of things you can do with Cryptocopy like:

  • Copy on Top Traders
  • Track Their Trading Record
  • Earn Badges
  • Finding Trending ICO
  • And more.

Yet, the main feature that how Cryptocopy can help everyone is with its feature. Copy Trading

Cryptocopy Copy

Copy Trading

Basically there would be a platform for Cryptocopy, users can see on the past history of a traders, or even check on your friend perform on his trading. Then, users could then decide if they want to “Copy” the persons trading.

Once a trader is copied by a user, the user would follow what the traders bought. If hes buying ETH, you would follow him and buy ETH too.

Cryptocopy Track

Tracking Crypto

Due to the transparency of Blockchain, it allows everything to be track. Movement of coins, performance of trades, transactions flow and more.

This is a very good approach because it allows a clear and transparent environment to be deal when trading or checking on the records of a user. People can’t lie in the Blockchain but they could falsify their document on papers or database. Blockchain provides 100% integrity and decentralization for fair uses.

Hence, user can check and track on the past record. Perhaps Bob wanted to check if John had lie to him about his professional trading skills. Bob could track on John’s trading record, strategies, and he can then decide if John’s strategy would suits his choice of investment.

Cryptocopy ICO sales

Cryptocopy ICO

Finally, Cryptocopy would also running their own ICO where you can find in their website Cryptocopy. If you would like to support them, you can spent a small amount of money to invest in their ICO. We thinks that Cryptocopy has a great future because we believe that Copy trading and Social trading is something that everyone need. It may benefit a lot of parties, users, traders and professionals. All the parties would get their own benefit. Good luck!

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