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Detailed information about the Metagold Crowd Sale

Metagold – A Game Token


Metagold – Detailed information about the metagold

Metagold. Based on the bitcoin release, metagold is launched the crowdsale for its metagold cryptocurrency and they are planning to launch this crowdsale in soon which is involving the personalize ERC20 tokens. This kind of the token is made according to the ethereum blockchain.MEG cryptotokens are sold throughout the crowdsale and it is served as the game currency for certain games. This kind of the token is developed by the metagold studio. People can use this token for war of magi game and project X. With the help of MEG cryptotokens people are having ability to buy the

  • Collectible items
  • Characters
  • Booster packs
  • Cards
  • Custom skins

Things to know about the metagold

If you are purchasing this token in metagold then it could be recorded in the ethereum blockchain which is enabling the player to share, sell, trade or collect the items. Ethereum blockchain is helping the asset owners and gamers to validate their holdings whenever they want. If you are willing to get asset in metagold then there is no intervention in third party so that is preventing from the deleting, modifying or seizing the assets.

As everyone knows war of magi is belonging to the turn based card game. In case you are looking to know about the ancient spells and magic then it could be the best game. With the help of the game you might know about the master of the elements. This game is designing it with the unity 3D engine and it is designing it with the numerous numbers of the features.

Metagold is the independent amazing game development studio and it is also offering project x game. Project x is the popular adventure game and it is released for cross platform. This game is supporting all kinds of the mobile and personal computer platform. This game is designing it with the science fiction world and it is having two levels of gameplay.

As everyone knows MEG is the digital currency and it is completely used to buy the items which is available in game. It is supplying more than eight million token but 6 million tokens are in the sale. Remaining two million of token is spitted between the third party partners and development team. One of the studies says that crowdsale will start in 3rd April and it is helping to win a game.

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Getting information about the metagold

Metagold is developing the unique generation of the games and it is designing with the digital items. Games which are developed by the metagold could support the meg token because it is the native in game currency. War of magi is the most popular game and many of the people are waiting to play this game because it is having excellent gameplay. If you are looking to play this game then it is necessary to use this MEG cryptotokens. Project X is having excellent project system and it is also designing it with the more numbers of features like excellent graphic.

Project X Game Preview

metagold project x

MEG Crowd Sale Date

Base on Metagold Website:

Crowdsale Begins – April 3rd, 2017 06:00:00 AM UTC.
Crowdsale Concludes –
April 25th, 2017 at 06:00:00 AM or once maximum funding is reached.
MEG ICO accept Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).
Tokens Exist : 8 Million MEG

Metagold Project Timeline

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