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DetectorToken – Blockchain Bot Which Monitors Betting + Crypto Market

Detector Token – Blockchain Based Bot which provides signals for market

Detector ICO

Unsure about trading patterns

Hello everyone! We notice that the traders which are into the cryptocurrency industry is getting more and more and few days ago we are at approximately $180 Billion Market Cap.

Despite of the Bitcoin price surged, which causes every coins to move upwards until yesterday where the ICO ban news from the china which causes the price to drop dramatically. This results a bearish season which forced Bitcoin to go lower than 20% of its $5,000 peak.

Therefore, a questions may came to the traders or crypto investors. Whats the current trading patterns? Is the price going upward ↑ or downward ↓?

Trading Patterns and its importance

Trading pattern allows people to understand and find out the trending price movement of a currency or trading pair. Patterns generally identify through the trading charts like

  • bar chart ▂▃▅▆▅▃▅
  • line graph ﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋﹋

Trading Patterns and Technical Analysis Accuracy

100% Never fully rely on trading signals or indicators. Basically the patterns provide you an insights on the movement, while technical analysis indicator forecast the futures with exist market data. But of course, with a good Technical analysis and Fundamental analysis, it could hit up to almost 80% accuracy. ➠➺

Detector Token and Detector Bot

Detector ICO

They are launching their own Bot and cryptocurrency.

Detector Bot

The Bots has several functions which could help traders to be one of the first one to know whats happening with the price. It is a bot that will be monitoring on crypto markets and also betting markets. It uses the technology of Artificial Intelligence combine with the trading historical Data.

Benefits of Detector Bot

  • It provides the results through Telegram, Slack or even SMS if you are unable to get mobile data or network on your mobile phones.
  • Live Trading Indicator which analyse with their own AI Bots.
  • First Mover who can decide on trades option.
  • Everything is automated processed by the Team.
  • Ease of use, Sign up, connect and ready to receive the signals.
  • Running 24/7 without an issue.

Detector Benefit

Is the product live?

Unlike other projects, Detector already has a running product. Check it out

Is it Free to use?

Yes, you can! Our DETECTOR bot is free until we switch to subscription business model.

Subscription Business Model, how can i subscribe?

Subscription will be paid via DTCT (Detector Tokens)

How to obtain DTCT?

Participate in the ICO or buying it from exchange (Once after ICO)

Detector Token ICO

What is Detector Token (DTCT)?

Detector token is a crypto token that is distributed by the Detector team. The purpose is to crowdfund and create and enhance a better products for the user. Crowdfunded amounts will be use accordingly on marketing, development, and scaling on products operation.

Why should i buy Detector Token?

  • Subscribe on Detector Bot Service
  • Social Betting and Trading Network (Future)

DTCT Information

  • Price = 1 ETH : 700 DTCT
  • Total Supply : 12,000,000
  • ICO Supply : 10,000,000
  • ICO Date : 20th August 2017 ⇉ 20th September 2017

Detector Token Roadmap 

Detector Roadmap

This is the Roadmap of Detector. Roadmap is crucial for a development and operation of a project, it reveals what will be done in the future.

This is just the first version of Roadmap, time by time there will be more Task shows.


As 5th of September 2017, there are approximately $200,000+ raised in the ICO. Currently they offer 10% more tokens if investor participates now. Although Detector is not the first project which offers similar service, but every project has their own unique way of development. Moreover, their AI bots works differently so trying several Signalling indicator would not hurt you and would even give you more ideas.

If you are planning to invest, as usual. Soyamoney would tell you only to invest around 10-20% of your portfolio value. Never put everything in a basket .  Diversify is the way to success in investing. 

For more information, Kindly refer to

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