Shorte Payout Rates

Earn Money On Short Links

Earn Money On Short Links

Shorten Urls and Earn Money

We have came to an era where everything is about short and easy. This is where links can be shorten with all these URL shorten sites.

Whats so special about it?

Unlike , where it is made for just tracking your traffic.

In , the tracking links are monetizable. What do we mean monetizable? 

It shows that user could potentially earn money with the shorten links without any hard effort.

How hard can it be?

Copy Link > Shorten the Link > Share the Link > Money came in to the flow

Google Url Shortener Earn Money

Perhaps if you came across here by searching if you could earn money with Google Url Shortener.

Sorry to said shortener is mainly focus on tracking instead of monetizing.

Therefore, we are hereby to deliver this great news for people who wanted to make money through link shortener.

We introduce you (A.k.a Shortest)

As mentioned above, how hard can it be to earn money by just sharing links?

How much can you earn by shorten urls and earn money?

According to payout rates from their website.

Earn Money On Short Links

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What are the methods to Shorten Urls and Earn Money?

Well, previously user could just Earn Money On Short Links by spamming all over Facebook groups and so. Due to the spam, Facebook has decided to block the shorten links through

How can i earn money then? Well, Don’t panic, stay calm. Other than Facebook, we have other types of social media like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and sort of it.

How can i attract user to click on my link or even share it?

Try to create something valuable for them, or something which has a wow effect where it get shares or creates curiosity from the user perspective.

Topic like : Celebrity News, Trending News and Etc.


  1. Ever wonder how does Trump looks like when hes young
  2. Top 5 must have applications that you must have in your mobile phone

And list goes on

Earn Money On Short Links. Use your creativity and attract the users.

But of course, don’t earn money for the sake of earning money. Provide something valuable for your user or customer. If they get what they want, they will get you what you want. Treat everyone fair and equally! 

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