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Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining has become a very interest topic recently since the bloom of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum which is already worth 3 Digit compare to it’s ICO price which is only around $0.3 – $0.4 where you can see it hereIsn’t that amazing?

Next, crypto mining could be a hobby for people who loves technology. Furthermore, it could also be an interested for people who wanted to make money. People learn about how blockchain work, how does sending/receiving money work on a decentralized platform and etc. Right in the 2017 at the time of writing, the interest of cryptocurrency mining has growing time by time, it has a massive increase of search in the May of 2017 based on Google searching trend.

Source From : https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=cryptocurrency%20mining

Problem with Cryptocurrency Mining

Mining problems

Problems is always there in any industry or work, the main problem of cryptocurrency mining is the need of technical knowledge and certain knowledge in configuring the hardware and software. This also why many people decided to just buy the cryptocurrency they want instead of mining it, because it is troublesome.

You may have a good PC, purchase and bought off several graphic cards from Ebay or Amazon, then you realised you have no idea how you can configure after you graphic card and everything. This happens to most of the beginner who search in google for “How can i mine cryptocurrencies?” Once they got everything, they realised they have no idea how to make the configuration on the software. It wasted both time and money.

Furthermore, perhaps user might know how to config the command line and knows how to mine a coin. But monitoring your graphic card and optimizing it 24 hour is troublesome and it may take a lot of time and knowledge. To overclock and not damaged a graphic card is crucial in cryptocurrency mining, yet beginner always damaged the graphic card in order to achieve maximum ROI. This is where easyMINE save everyone.

easyMine – Mining cryptocurrencies with Just 3 Step

Mining cryptocurrency with just 3 step

easyMine – a platform/package which allows user to mine cryptocurrency with 0 technical knowledge needed. For more information, visit easyMine

How easy can mining with easyMine be? It is just 3 steps away and you are now mining cryptocurrency. 

  1. Download and install easyMine OS
  2. Plug in all the hardware needed like Graphic cards and etc
  3. Boot OS and Run
How does easyMine work?

easyMine will act as a software that runs in your PC. It is an application that will find out the PC components like graphic card, ram and etc. It then run and evaluate the best optimization setting that one users can run their graphic card on.

easyMine Benefits

  • Find out Best Coins To Mine
  • Figure the Best Optimization Setting To Run
  • Provide User Friendly Dashboard
  • Automated
  • Self Learning Algorithm

easymine benefit

easyMine ICO

In order to use the easyMine service, everything will be use and paid with easyMine Token – EMT.

easyMine will have a crowdsale of 27,000,000 EMT tokens and the raise fund will be use in product development, unsold token will be burned which increase the valuation of EMT token.

Token Price 

  • Tier 1: up to 2,000,000 EMT sold 1 EMT=0.0007 ETH
  • Tier 2: 2,000,001–4,000,000 EMT sold 1 EMT=0.00075 ETH
  • Tier 3: 4,000,001–27,000,000 EMT sold 1 EMT=0.0008 ETH

Find out the ICO Here

easyMine could be a great product that brings in more miners into the cryptocurrency scene and industry, lets support them by joining the ICO. We strongly believe this will help every beginner out and even enhance the professional users experience as they can now leave their mining operation for easyMine to decide in order to achieve the maximum ROI.

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