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Electroneum – Mobile Based Cryptocurrency

Electroneum – Mobile Based Cryptocurrency

electroneum ico

Intro to Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has became something which is consider as a very great investment instruments over the last few year. Bitcoin has raised over 300%~400% since the Q1 of 2017, same towards to all other cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and etc.

Cryptocurrency is famous of its technology which is the blockchain. Blockchain is great in terms of the decentralization and also the transparency of the entire network. If you are someone who is against the current world currency which is mainly govern by a centralized parties like Banks, you would like cryptocurrency a lot and you would hope that you can know cryptocurrency earlier.

We wouldn’t talk much about cryptocurrency as we believe majority of our readers understands and know what is cryptocurrency. For people who have no ideas or unclear view on cryptocurrency, you can take a look at What is cryptocurrency by Blockgeeks.

Fiat Currencies or Cryptocurrency

This has been a very subjective and debatable topic over the time since the introduction of Bitcoin. When bitcoin was first launched, most people just take it lightly and just treating it as a part of technology improvement towards the world.

But time by time with the exposure of Bitcoin towards the world with the story of Bitcoin Pizza. Cryptocurrency has been a big big goldmine for people who have invested in the past 5-6 years. Bitcoin user has grown by multiple fold compare to years ago.


There will be no doubt when we comes to comparing Real currency vs Virtual currency. Investing in Cryptocurrencies is like investing in a gold mine with very high risk. You could end up with nothing or a pure gold mine. However, the risk of holding cryptocurrencies is of course higher than holding Fiat currencies.

Use Case

When it comes to use case, both has its own use case. Fiat currencies would usually being use in most of the situation like purchase, retailing and etc. Every country’s Fiat has its own value backed. Next, when we come to Cryptocurrencies, it is still in the baby stage. Unlike Fiat currencies, you can’t just go purchase a car, or a house and pay them by Bitcoin. Majority of them would tell you “No”. There are mainly few reasons and volatility is one of the few, then follow by Regulations of Cryptocurrencies.

Electroneum crypto

A Mobile Cryptocurrency powered by an application

Most of the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and more has their software application built mainly for PC users. We have Bitcoin wallet for desktop like Electrum, Bitcoin Core, Exodus and more. Same to most other cryptocurrencies, every cryptocurrency has their own wallet built. Only minority of crypto has built their dedicated mobile wallet for the coins.


Electroneum Intro

Electroneum is a cryptocurrencies that is focused on the aspect of mobile. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that has their main core software application building on the computers. Thus, Electronuem can be categories under Mobile Cryptocurrency.

Maximum Coin volume of 21 Billion 

Bitcoin has a supply of 21 Million, while Electronuem has a supply of 21 Billion. Why so much of supply? Isn’t 21 Billion too much?

Electroneum are making the electroneum coin more user friendly and more “close” to our reality. Bitcoin has 8 decimal points which could result as low as 0.00000001 BTC. Electroneum feels that this is way too hard to read and its not user friendly. Therefore, Electroneum coins has only up to 2 decimal points, all the numbers are pushed foward which result 21 Billion total supply.

Mobile Phone Wallet + Mobile Miner

Mining cryptocurrencies with mobile phone! Isn’t that awesome? Electroneum might be one of the few which allows such mining consensus. Next, the wallet will be fully operates on the mobile phones, meaning user can send, receive and mine Electroneum on their mobile phone.

Self Built Blockchain

Electroneum has its own blockchain which is built based on Bytecoin’s Blockchain.

Domination of Mobile market cryptocurrency

As most of the cryptocurrency now focus on technology, smart contracts and others. Electroneum team is focusing in the mobile cryptocurrency field. They strongly believe the mobile cryptocurrency could be one of the future.

ELectroneum Pros

Why Electroneum?

Electronuem has a very great team that has been proven themselves with track record of success in the past. Next, Electroneum could opens up and operates an enormous market of around 2.2 Billion mobile phone users all over the world. Not everyone has access to personal computers as mobile phones has more accessibility.

Finally, Electroneum can represent a huge leap fowards in the crypto scene because they are the first few of the team which integrate the blockchain uses with cryptocurrency into the mobile phones operating system.

Electroneum User

Electroneum ICO

Finally, we will be talking about the Electroneum ICO which everyone is awaiting!

Where can i purchase Electroneum Token?

Electroneum Token can be purchased from their Crowdsale site

How much is Electroneum Token?

Electroneum Token can be purchased at 100 Coin per $1 USD

Is there Bonus Tokens for the Crowdfund?

Yes! It started off at 50% bonus rate until 0% weekly. The current ICO Bonus rate at the time of posting is 30%. (Get it while it last!)

Payment Method Available to purchase Electroneum Token?

Bitcoin, Ethereum

As 3rd of October of 2017, 601 Bitcoin and 9079 Ethereum has been raised with a total of $5~6 Million USD funded into Electroneum. They have over 27,000 users in their platform which registered as a ICO participants.

How much Electroneum Token will be available during the ICO?

There will be a total of 6,300,000,000 (6.3 billion) Electroneum coins available for $0.01 per Electroneum coins.

What happens to unsold token in ICO since they has such huge amount of coins?

Extra coins will be transferred to the bonus mobile mining pool reward. The pool reward will be use to improve the mining reward and increase the mining reward per block. It allows more user to mine together without having the reward amount to split across too many people.

Electroneum Manage

For more information regarding Electroneum coin, kindly refer on:

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