invest bitcoin and earn bitcoin daily

Earn 0.3% Monthly! Get Free Bitcoins Daily

Free Bitcoins Daily

invest bitcoin and earn bitcoin daily

Free Bitcoins Daily, Earn 0.3% Monthly

Is there such news that we never knew? And this service is totally free.

If you have ever collect bitcoin from faucet, you might be familiar with this website.

Free bitcoin earning sites

How to get Free Bitcoins Daily?

Other than perform the feature of a normal faucet, claiming every hour of prize up to $200. launched their investment operation where user deposit bitcoins or claim the bitcoins from and leave it in the website. Everyday user will earn approximately 0.011% of their deposit.


Requirement to earn the free bitcoins daily

  • Minimum of 30,000 Satoshi in account balance, That’s It!


Any special Rules and Regulations for using this investment service?

Nope, there’s no any lock in for using this service.

There is no lock-in period to earn interest , According to

User can just deposit and earn since day 1! The amount will be compound day by day.


How much can user expect to earn daily or monthly?

free bitcoin earning sites

0.1 Bitcoin ≃ $100-110

Daily Profit : $0.01

Monthly Profit : $0.30

Yearly Profit : $4

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1 Bitcoin ≃ $1000-1100

Daily Profit : $0.10

Monthly Profit : $3

Yearly Profit : $40

free bitcoins daily

10 Bitcoin ≃ $10,000-11,000

Daily Profit : $1

Monthly Profit : $30

Yearly Profit : $400

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50 Bitcoin ≃ $50,000-55,000

Daily Profit : $5

Monthly Profit : $160

Yearly Profit : $2000


Investing here can generate yourself a good passive income and compare with most other cloud mining site. This investment does a really great job because owner don’t offer a ridiculous rate so the service can run for a very long term. has been running for years and is actually one of the pioneer faucet and a very successful business all over the year.

Investing 30% of your portfolio here could generate you a really stable and safe income. has their own mining farm and this is where they get to pay their investor with the revenue from mining.

Yet, Investment always contain risk. Even they paid a very reasonable interest rate, nothing is 100% safe in the crypto industry. Therefore, only invest what you can afford to lose

Check their official forum if you have any question : Here

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