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We are Gilgam

Hello dear gamer, investors.
We strongly believe you are here because you wanted to invest in a good project, and also wanted win coins by playing games.

But is that even possible? We already have Digibyte, where you get paid base on the stats of a game. Why do we still need to use if Digibyte exist?

Security Offered by

Security is always an issue especially in an online platform like online games. Issues like in-game cheating, financial cheating (Credit Card Fraud), weak security (Hack) occur daily in this online gaming industry. will solves the listed problem with Blockchain technology which built on top of Ethereum that is decentralized and fair. 

Solving Cheating Issue will solve in game cheating issue with the help of artificial intelligence and also with the help of participants. will first screen and filter the games to find out if a game is played fair and decide whether cheating is occurred. If cheating is occurred, the offender will be punished and immediately banned out.

But what if the A.I accidentally banned the wrong one? 

No worries, the result and decision output by the Artificial intelligence will then be passed through the second level of screening, which is through the participants. The participants can then decide if the offender deserved a ban. Once a user is banned, they won’t be able to participate in an event or playing an online game anymore, depends on how strictly the game company wanted.

Gilgam Platform

Solving Credit Card Fraud

As mentioned, with the help of blockchain, transaction and financial based function can be strongly enhance and prevent fraud due to decentralized platform. solve it by turning the accepted payment method into accepting GGS (Gilgames Token). Without accepting credit card/fiat currencies, fraud can completely be removed and no charge back will occur like what people did it with paypal which destroy the economy.

Blockchain payment is

  • Fast Transaction
  • Smooth Payment and usable everywhere
  • No Chargeback
  • Smart-Contracts Payment

About Gilgam

Creating a fair and Eco friendly E-sport platform

The main mission of is they wanted to create a fair and Eco friendly E-sport platform which is not bias towards any party, no destruction of economy, safe and fair for every player.

Therefore, they implemented this platform with the needed of KYC. Know your customer information like name, age, address and so. KYC is use to proof the ownership of account is real and this strongly deduct the rate of people committing fraud.

How works

What’s the benefit of playing on platform?

This is the most interesting part all over. Aside from providing a fair and fun E-sport platform, offers the player to

  • Veto (Vote on results of game, result of banning a player, and etc)
  • Participating Tournaments
  • Betting (Future)
  • Coinflip, Blackjack (Future)
  • Buying and selling items

You can actually win GGS tokens that can be use to bet, purchase items in the platform for FREE!

Tournaments could be in the form of public, private which require invitation only and more types, basically you can expect to purchase or top up games with just one platform which is where you can top up every game with just a single currency.

To learn more about it, visit Here Crowdsale

About Crowdsale

As of 14/7/2017

  • Gilgam Token Sold : 702,187.40
  • Week : 4
  • ETH Raised : 972.2752
  • Token Rate : 500 GGS for 1 ETH

As mentioned in the article, token could be use in many ways. User can host tournaments, betting, playing and even trade it with other players. Gilgam tokens is not limited to any types of activity as long as it is being used in platform.

Yet, the tokens is not tradeble immediately after the crowdsale, it is only tradeble 2 months after the crowdsale. This is to ensure and protect the economy of  It will end in 6 days, get in before it ended!

If you are a gamer or an ICO investor, is a really great investment option because of their clear mission and vision. Next, Unsold tokens will also burned which limit the supply of coins. Always invest at your own risk.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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