Guts Prevent Secondary Ticket Fraud Market

GUTS ICO – Prevent Secondary Ticket Fraud and Unfair Price!

GUTS ICO – Prevent Secondary Ticket Fraud and Unfair Price!

Guts Prevent Secondary Ticket Fraud Market


Ticketing Service GUTS is a company based in Amsterdam The Netherlands.


GUTS provide a transparent platform for buying and selling tickets (any sorts of tickets that u can name it).

Are you fed up that you couldn’t attend any of your idol’s concert for example Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and many more because of unreasonable ticket prices that is being sold by third party?

With GUTS your miserable life will come to an end. Fans that didn’t get to attend their favorite artist’s concert had become a first world problem due to number of limited of seats and people who hogged seats during the early phase of ticket selling just for their own extra profits/income. GUTS is invented to satisfy us, as everyone are tired of the unreasonable benefits made on event tickets on other platform. Everyone including inventor of GUTS believed that the sentiment of the cash is only to be made by those who truly deserve it.

Guts ico


What’s so good about GUTS?

Honesty and Fair Pricing

GUTS provide everyone fair ticket prices for any individual who are interested in that particular event. The Introduction of the GUTS system will mean a first essential advance towards eliminating out the spoiled parts of the auxiliary ticket-showcase.

Fair Pricing with GUTS Protocol

GUTS provide every ticketholder guaranteed access to the event’s venue. Their system provides a special code for each ticketholder even the ticket is resold infinite times. Besides, there are no resale profits in the GUTS platform. If there is any problem that occur to the ticketholder that made him/her couldn’t attend the event, the ticketholder can immediately put his ticket on sale at the same pricing that he bought. This guarantees that there is no profit is made by the current owner of the ticket. Moreover, GUTS registers the ownership and the properties of the tickets in blockchain. This decentralized network makes it impossible for any hacker or any 3rd party to infiltrate the system and change the properties of the ticket. This will allow the ownership of the ticket to be transferred safely, honestly and privately (anonymously).

User Friendly and accurate data

GUTS also provide the event organizer accurate and precise data. This system has its own mind and it will know who is actually attending the event, regardless of how often a ticket is resold. The outcome is incredible user data from the genuine attendees, making future advancement a swift. In addition, GUTS’s app can run with any low-end hardware not necessarily expensive/high end hardware. With just a smartphone everything can be done easily.

Reasonable Cost

In short, GUTS is a ticketing stage that encourages reasonable utilize and a decent client encounter. They issue keen tickets that are protected from anybody with terrible expectations. Besides, they give a trade stage that enables clients to effectively exchange their tickets inside settled limits. A GUTS ticket will never leave the framework, in this way ensuring access to every single client at a reasonable cost.

Working Application

With this app that is already in market, we can really say farewell to secondary ticket fraud & disgraceful prices that are being sold by ticketholders that like to hog the seats even though they are not interested to attend the event in the first place. A world is a better place with lesser scammers and unreasonable ticket prices.

Benefit of using Guts

Problem Solved with using GUTS

The main problem that is currently with the online ticketing service out there is

  • Price of Ticket
  • Integrity and Transparency of Ticket

What does this means?

Price is always a problem when it comes to online ticketing. There are bunch of players which would buy a bulk of tickets, then resold at a high premium price for profit. This creates a bad market for people who actually wanted to watch the Concert or participate in the event. Moreover, Tickets that is sold online could be fake or invalid tickets. There are cases where people who paid money and got a fake ticket in the end.

Hence, all of this could be solved with Guts because of the benefit they offer. Once a ticket is bought, it will come with a special code for each ticketholder, this ensure ticket is secured and verified.


Guts will be hosting their own ICO and have their ICO tokens called GET token

ICO Details

Token InitialGET
Minimum Funding2.3 Million Euro
Maximum Funding15.0 Million Euro
Length of ICO14 Days
ICO Start inNovemer

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