HashRush – Real Mining cryptocurrency backed game

HashRush – Cryptocurrency Mining Based Games


Trouble of mining cryptocurrency

The main issue currently with cryptocurency mining is it is very hard to setup, and it is also difficult to maintain the mining rigs with knowledge like

  • Temperature Control
  • Optimized Setting
  • Electricity vs Profit calculations
  • More

Hashrush understand that there are tons of people whom have trouble in mining cryptocurrency on their own, and this market has a huge potential. Therefore, Hashrush came out with a really great idea, which is integrate a mining online game with Cloud Mining.

Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining

Soyamoney assume all the readers who came across this article may already know what is cloud mining. Perhaps you are even one who already tried before cloud mining service which we could easily find it through google.

Cloud mining, is an online service where user pay/purchase mining hash power through online from the cloud mining service owner. Every operation, mining rig set up will be handle and managed by the service owner and client will then purchased the hash power from the owner once everything is set up.

Problem with Cloud mining

Cloud mining is flagged with red sign by a lot of trusting agency and it is considered as a very risky investment. The reason why it is a very risky investment because it involves with lots of scam and most cloud mining service went down within months, even the “trusted” one shut down after several years of operation.


Main issue with cloud mining

  • Cloud mining operations with no real mining operations at the back end

These are the one which is HYIP, pyramid scheme, which means nothing exist since the beginning. No mining rigs, no antminer, no graphic cards, no operations. Then when they couldn’t sustain the pyramid scheme anymore, they will mentioned reasons like they were hacked or some very unreasonable reasons.

  • Cloud mining operations with real mining operations but could not maintain

These are the cloud mining operations which has the mining rigs, has them set up. Everything is real since the start and they are selling the hash rate of mining cryptocurrency mainly the strong currency which has great liquidity like BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC and others.

Yet, they end up in bad situation like fail to make profit through selling the hash power, or bad hardware optimization and etc. Then they closed down at last.

HashRush ICO

Instead of just a plain cloud mining website which shows you that the dashboard of hashpower purchased, earning statistic and sort. HashRush brings it to another level. HashRush is a strategy game which you can build a money making mining colonies with strategy, this shows that it is not just a pay to win game. Someone with proper strategies could also make a big money making mining colonies.

While playing the game, managing the colony with good strategy placement could result great profitability. The games contains 3 factions which every fraction has their own story line and play style.

Minable currencies contain ETH, ETC, Zcash and soon there will be more and more added. To learn more about Hashrush, Visit Hashrush

Why buy Rush Coin through the ICO?
  • Total Number Of Tokens: 70,000,000 (100%)
  • Tokens in Presale + ICO: 64,050,000 (91.5%)
  • Tokens in Marketing, HR Pool, Bonus: 5,950,000 (8.5%)
  • Price of Token: 1ETH = 1000 RushCoin
  • Pre ICO: 15/8/2017 – 1/9/2017 [Beta Access + 25% Bonus Coin + Tradeble Cards + Special Title]
  • ICO: 13/9/2017 – 13/10/2017 

ICO Bonus Table

ETH CapBonus Coin
10-15K ETH20%
15-20K ETH15%
25-35K ETH10%
35-70K ETH5%


Rush coin token can be use to purchase more units(miner) or even upgrade units(more hash power). Units purchased can be actively trading in the game and the rush coin is very useful in the game operations.

If you are someone who like strategy games, and who like to earn cryptocurrencies with playing an intractable online game which has an active market. HashRush are someone you would be looking at it.

Soyamoney are very positive and optimistic with HashRush because this game is awesome, we always look for games that you could play, manage and make money which are able to turn the virtual cash into real money. HashRush is a business operation which could do this.

Moreover, normal cloud mining service only allow you to buy a fix hash rate at a fix rate. HashRush offers more, user could craft the in game miners into a more stronger miners which provide more hash rates.

Thanks for reading! To learn more about the project, Visit

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