Hyundai launched their ICO – HDAC!

HDAC – IOT Contract with M2M Payment Platform on Blockchain


ICO, Innovation of Project, Use Case


First of all, ICO has becoming a really trending and innovative way to crowdfund for a project. The interest part of crowdfunding with ICO is you don’t crowdfund with cash, but with Cryptocurrency. However, people might wonder why do we need to crowdfund with Cryptocurrency but not going the “Legal” way IPO?

ICO has a really great benefit of funding one’s project. It is accessible by anyone from anywhere, it cut down the cost of conversion from currencies to currencies. Furthermore, it has a detail funding information through the blockchain, which could prevent fraud.

Innovation of Project

Second, the types of project became more and more variety with the arise of ICO. Hence, there are so many different types of project that integrate cryptocurrency as their key point of sale recently. We have project ranging from

  • Banking
  • Commerce
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Service Platform
  • Revenue Sharing Business
  • Crowdfund Platform
  • More and more

Use Case of cryptocurrency based project

In the meantime, is all of these project has their own use case? Is it feasible? By the time when more and more types of ICO came out, will all the product work? Everything is still a question mark, no one can assure the future of one project. Except for the community and the project team.

Whenever a project team could built and develop their product by following the time line, this ensure and creates trust within the community and the team. As a result, when a community is super optimistic towards one project, they will use the product when it is launched.

Use case of all these product that integrate with blockchain is huge. To sum everything up, aside from just using the service by “paying with cryptocurrencies”. Blockchain is just good for the transparency and decentralization of the network or platform.

Additionally, HDAC is going to have their ICO to run for almost a month, check it at HDAC for more information. In short, we will talk about HDAC next.


Hdac Blueprint


Like most of other project, everyone is looking to integrate their new project with Blockchain, Cryptocurrency to make their business seems innovative. At the same time, Hyundai is launching their new business that will be integrating with blockchain. HDAC, will be applying the core technology of Blockchain into various industries unlike what most other did.

HDAC Focus – IOT Contract + M2M Payment Platform

Instead of focusing on the current existing industry and enhance it, HDAC is pushing the current industry by pushing it to the next level. HDAC will be focusing around and playing with IOT (Internet of Things) and also M2M (Machine to Machine) integration.

Who Created HDAC?

A designated owner in particularly does not exist in the Hdac network. The Hdac platform can be updated by the developer when there is an agreement by the majority of the nodes. However, Hdac is controlled by all participants in the transaction.

What is HDAC?

Hdac is an IoT contract platform based on the blockchain, which not only exchanges but also can restrict the usage according to the purpose as it is ‘Smart Coin’ which controls the connected devices.

Is HDAC Safe?

Hdac implements Multi-Factor authentication scheme by applying the Quantum Random Number which complements the vulnerability of the Pseudo Random Number. For more information, please check our whitepaper.


HDAC IOT Contract

IOT Contract

  • The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the world in to a gigantic, ever-evolving information platform. Anything that can be connected, will be connected. Now it’s time to embrace that connection for everything the IoT is set to become.


  • Our goal is to harness that opportunity to help you go “Beyond the Human Pay”. Through secure Blockchain technology, Hdac can assign contracts to all your smart devices to fit your life pattern. In layman’s terms, we make your life easier.

As a result, HDAC believe that IOT is the future and the key success of information platform. IOT are able to connect everything that can be connect. HDAC’s goal with the IOT contract is to create the opportunity to go beyond the way “Human are paying now”.

Consequently, with the technology advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning is becoming stronger time by time. Thus, it may be able to learn one’s life pattern, attribute and assign the best to help the person or industry.

Hdac micropayment platform

M2M Payment Solution

  • You are your own bank.
  • Privacy is one of the biggest challenges facing IoT, so Hdac configures unique Hybrid Blockchain Networks for general and special purpose users. Virtual money can’t be accessed by a third party, while your confidential and highly sensitive data is never exposed. Our platform acts to support micropayments with state-of-the-art hardware wallets immune to viruses.

In short, HDAC is creating something that is very futuristic that not much people that is focusing right now. As of current, the payment method are usually through cash, credit card and wire transfer. Everything is fix to its payment order, you don’t use credit card on your laptop, aircond to pay for service or product.

In fact, all the current payment solutions are only tied to their original payment method. For example Credit Card will be swipe through a Credit card scanners. What if we our Aircond could interact with our Television? What if our coffee maker could interact with our Laptop? In that case, if all these thing are interlinked and connected,all the micro payments will be immune to viruses and hackers. This is due to the connectivity within both hardware are not accessible by someone else that doesn’t connect to both of it. Hence, HDAC is going to allow the HDAC Tokens to integrate with all these connected machines and allow payment from it.

Hdac benefit

Benefit of using HDAC

Eco Friendly, Fair Mining

HDAC is made of the way that are not using both POW (Proof of Work) and POS (Proof Of Stake) Consensus as its algorithm. They thinks that POW is bad in terms of using excessive electricity which is not green. Then, POS is concentrated mining creates an unequal share among participants with a select few stakeholders controlling the network

Hence, they come out with their own Algorithm, ePOW. ePOW is a very new algorithm introduced by HDAC. For more information about ePOW, read on the whitepaper.

Connecting Chain

There are 2 types of blockchain which is the public blockchain and the private blockchain. Most people uses public blockchain. Although there are people using private blockchain for their business, people only uses either one of it.

HDAC comes out with an idea to interconnect both Public Blockchain and Private Blockchain. HDAC Stated Firstly, it’s crucial to interpret a node as any device connecting to the blockchain network.

Now, a Public Blockchain is open. A Private Blockchain requires an invitation. As a result, the “permissioned” nature of the latter means it’s unlikely to be accessed by nodes as freely as the former. Problem created.

Cue Bridge Node, an intermediary which contains key configuration information in order to link the two. Problem solved. In essence, Hdac allows you to enjoy the best of both. Brilliant.

Enhanced Device Security

And finally, Enhanced device security is one of the prior reason why IOT is used in blockchain by HDAC. Hdac implements a specific authentication scheme by applying a Quantum Random Number to eliminate the possibility of hacking.

Moreover, HDAC wanted to be the top in the Fintech specialised platform which can provide users with hardware wallet that is security concerned and ease of use.

HDAC Ico detail

HDAC Token Detail
HDAC Token Total Supply12,000,000,000
ICO Target6,000 BTC
ICO Price1 BTC = 18,000 dac
Capital Reserve7%
Token to be sale in ICO7%
Amount of Token in ePOW Mining86%

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