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Hedge ICO – Put your eggs in multiple baskets, same for cryptocurrencies

HedgeToken ICO

HedgeToken – ICO Starts in September 15th 2017 ☛ October 15th 2017

Quick Summary of Current Crypto Space Trading

The cryptocurrency market is valued at $143 Billion in the September of 2017, It has increase by multiple folds compare to 2015 and 2016. Among all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has a marketcap of $68 Billion which has capture almost close to 50% of the market share. Bitcoin will be the main coin that every crypto traders have regardless if they are traders or investors.
People who had invest in the cryptocurrency or the financial instruments will be adviced that diversification is always the thing that you never wanted to miss out. This is true, imagine if you had invest 100% of your cash into Bitcoin, but bitcoin got rekt hard in the past month which loss half of its value. Then it took around 1 year to rise back to the original value you bought at. Do you think this is a good deal? Waste 1 year and few months and got no value appreciation in your portfolio?

Dilemma of choosing a coin

Problem with too many types of coins

What is the main problem with over 866 Currencies, 240 Assets? How would you pick on your investment? Moreover, how much would you invest in if you have small capital compare to others who has big capitals? Think about it, if you have $100, you wanted to invest in 20 types of coins, this will results you to invest $5 into a coin. So you deposit the coin into several exchanges because not all coins are listed in the same exchange.
Then you perform 20 trades which is approximately a 5% fees thus result that before the price of coins changed, your investment is now at 95% of its value. Aside from that, that is just the trading fees, if you deduct the transaction fees, there would be a huge sum of cut in your portfolio value because of multiple transactions.

Index and Indices – Solution for Diversification

Index basically measures the cumulative performance of a financial instruments or a segment of market based on its benchmark. It basically uses the price of one financial instruments and calculate on the average return of others and made measurements.
For an easier explanation, an index can be a single currency or group of currencies getting bundle together which representing the performance of that particular market.

How Index Funds helps traders in diversification of the funds?

Adam wanted to buy several currencies with $200

In order to get the best deal of it, Adam would need to check out several exchanges for each and every cryptocurrencies. Next, he would need to find out and made calculations of fees to get the best deals of his money. Isn’t that a pain?

This is where Index Funds helps, instead of all the hardwork, transaction fees, trading fees. Everything will be solve with just buying an index funds. Even Adam just wanted to buy Bitcoin, he would have to made choices between so many exchanges, it is tough. Index Funds has its calculations and it took every exchanges price into calculations which will results a fair pricing.

hedge platform

Hedge Platform

Hedge Platform is focusing on the current problem and understands one thing. As soon as the cryptocurrencies market growth rapidly, Index funds or Indices will be needed because there will be varieties of cryptos where people could choose to invest.

Hedge Platform offers user to trade Indexes and Indices in their platform. 2 Index will be released after the ICO in the mid of September,

  • Bitcoin Price Index – BTCCX
  • Cryptocurrency Top 30 Index – CCX30

Every Index/Indices has its own calculation methodology and calculation frequency, information can be find it here in the whitepaper
Soon there will be more index added for example
★Crypto Asset Index (Q1 2018)
★Crypto Income Index (Q2 2018)
★Crypto (Specific Sector) Indices (Q2-Q3 2018)

Hedge Roadmap

Roadmap of Hedge Platform

Every project that succeed have their very own roadmap to follow. A project would not go far without a well planned roadmap because it shows that they does not have a vision.
Hedge Platform are very clear about their mission and vision of their project, each and every task is listed on the roadmap and Beta Testing of platform will be soon released for everyone to try out 2 months later.

Hedge Token Distribution

Hedge Token ICO and Distribution

HDG(Hedge Token) is the cryptocurrencies that is launch and distributed by Hedge Platform.

Whats the purpose of HDG Token?

HDG tokens is used in accessing the platform and also payment of transaction fees on the platform.

For ICO participants who doesn’t want to use the platform, whats the benefit of holding?

Hedge Platform plan to burned tokens on semi-annual basis with 20% of fees generated. This would results the tokens supply becoming less and less. Thus, price increasing in HDG tokens.

HDG ICO Sales Details
Σ Total Supply: 50,000,000
Σ ICO Supply: 30,000,000
Σ Sale Minimum: $1,500,000
Σ Hard Cap: $15,000,000
Σ Token Lock by Team : 20% for 6months

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