How to easily make money with bitcoin

How to earn bitcoins fast

How to earn bitcoins fast

How to easily make money with bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency, created and stored electronically on a computer, mobile device or even a pendrive. Bitcoins are stored in a bitcoin wallet, similar to a bank account, which can be stored on any digital storage media.

The bitcoin just reached an all time high exchange rate of $1275 US dollars per bitcoin and above $20 billion in total value of all bitcoins in circulation.

Bitcoin is still growing strong and grabbing attention of millions of people around the world. More and more people are looking for ways to become part of the flourishing bitcoin economy.
If you want to take advantage of the boom, the increasing demand and the bitcoin economy, here are some ways you can make money and invest in bitcoin.

How to earn bitcoins fast?

Trading bitcoins is exactly the same as trading any other commodity. You can buy bitcoin when the price goes low and then wait until the price goes up to your desired selling price and sell it.
Simply buying Bitcoin is the easiest thing to do and prefered by most people.

Bitcoin mining

How to earn bitcoins fast? Bitcoin mining is solving a hard mathematical problem with the help of a dedicated computer. In the process, you help keep the bitcoin system secure and working. Processing of transactions made by bitcoin users is done by miners. The reward for solving each puzzle is 12.5 bitcoins which accounts to $14000+ in US dollars.
In the starting days, you could have easily mined bitcoin with the help of your home computer but as the value of bitcoin has changed, so has the competition to mine it. In a way, the bitcoin program automatically makes the mathematical problem harder according to the competition trying to mine it. As of today, you would require a lot of computing power to mine bitcoins and to build a profitable bitcoin mining setup. If you don’t have that kind of computing resources, it would be a waste of electricity and time if you try to mine it with an average computing hardware.
The people who started serious bitcoin mining in 2009-2010 period are probably millionaires by now.

By accepting them as means of payment

How to earn bitcoins fast? If you offer any kind of services, you can just create a bitcoin wallet and start accepting payments in bitcoin. You can also integrate it with your website or CMS like wordpress as there are a lot of plugins available that can offer functionality to accept and validate bitcoin payments. If you would like to accept all general payment methods including bitcoin, you can reach out to payment processors like Square or Stripe who accept bitcoin payments.
You can also ask your employer if they are interested in making payments in bitcoin.

Bitcoin Faucets and microtasks websites

How to earn bitcoins fast? Bitcoin faucets and microtask websites allow you to earn bitcoin by doing simple jobs like watching ads, completing surveys, viewing websites, solving captchas, clicking photos, recording videos, data entry, translating etc. You can earn some rewards on the side in your freetime, but this is in no way an option to replace income from your daily job.

Bitcoin Faucets

Microtasks Websites

Lending and investing in startups

You can also lend your bitcoins to other people. There are websites that allow you to do this by finding borrowers and checking their credit, making loaning bitcoins effortless for you. This gives you the benefit to loan the money to anyone around the globe and also enjoy higher interest rates as bitcoin is peer-to-peer and there are no fees to transfer the money.
Another interesting thing to do would be to invest in a company that targets blockchain market. There are a lot of startups emerging in the bitcoin economy that allow you to invest your bitcoins or even any other currency to own a part of their company which gives you a chance to prosper with their growth.

Also there is an article which shows you about investing in a bitcoin faucet to get 4% of interest per annum! Read it here :  Free bitcoins daily


If you are just looking to spend some spare bitcoins in your wallet, you can try your luck or some strategies available out on the Internet or just have some fun with random gambling. There are many new casinos emerging for the bitcoin market and also most reputed online casinos are starting to accept bitcoin payments.
This is not a method and is not suggested as a way to invest your bitcoins and certainly not a long term investing solution.


Bitcoin is not yet developed in a way that a general currency would be. But the potential of bitcoin is huge and these are some very lucrative ways to make money with bitcoin. Try and test, see what works for you. By the way, it is very important to make sure you store your bitcoin wallet in a safe place and have a backup, just in case. If a bitcoin wallet is lost due to any carelessness or technical error, it is lost forever and there is no way to recover it other than somehow restoring it on the device it was stored on.