how idice work

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Ever tried playing dice game on site like Bitsler, Primedice, Nitrogensports and etc? Ever imagine how much a dicing site can make? – A huge profit 

  • No Knowledge in coding a website?
  • No idea how can you generate profit with dicing site?
  • Does’t has a big bankroll to ensure your casino could run for long term and profit in a long run?

There’s no need to worry when iDice is launch!

What is iDice?

iDice, is a dicing platform which is built on top of the Ethereum platform. Yes, you are right. The platform where smart contract is deployed, transparency is clear, source code and contract is all visible to everyone. Yes, its building on top of it.

Dicing is a game which user could roll from number 0 – 99, sometimes even up to 4 decimal point depends on the website. It is easy to play, lets say user decide to put roll over 55. User will require to roll over number 55 and above to win, else the bet will be transfer to the profit contract.

Is iDice fair and safe?

People and player who eventually play on all the gambling sites or dicing sites are always looking at one thing, Provably fair. Everyone just wanted to have a fair game, fair result. Even if they lose, they lose to luck but not manipulation.

iDice is definately safe, we assure you. The reason why is because they publicize their source code which you can find it here. Therefore if any changes is made, the user could see what is change inside the source code as iDice wanted to be as transparent as possible. 

how idice work

How iDice work?

It is very straightforward and it is easy to play with!

The wager token that will be use on iDice will be Ethereum

Player will send Ethereum to the iDice platform, Bet will be processed fairly through the smart contract. Result will then generate and bet is finalized and profit will be back to the player if he win.

iDice Roadmap

idice roadmap

What’s so special about iDice when we have Vdice, Edgeless and Others?

iDice will be the first Decentralized Dicing platform that will built and has a mobile App!

Imagine, there’s no need to carry your laptop to outside to check your bets. Next, you can just sleep on your bed, look at your bets and profit. You can access it anywhere as long as you have your mobile phones with you.

iDice is also extremely popular, it hits over $200,000 bets in just beta release. Its huge! Check it here

What’s the benefit of holding an iDice Token?

Profit, profit and profit.

There will be total of 5 Million iDice Token for the entire iDice Project.

10% of the token will be distributed to the development team. – 500K token

All the unsold token throughout the ICO will be burned, deplete from the total supply

How profit is calculated will be = Net profit * Token you hold / Total Token

ICO Status

  • First week (June 12 2017, 01:19 GMT – June 19 2017, 00:19 GMT ): 1 ETH = 170 Tokens
  • Final week (June 19 2017, 00:19 GMT – June 26 2017, 00:19 GMT): 1 ETH = 130 Tokens (Regular Price)

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As of 14/6/2017 – $335K has been raised, check here

There could be one reason for you to not invest, but there will be tons of reason why you need to invest

  • Decentralized and fair
  • Extremely popular
  • Easy to use
  • Automated Bets
  • First available mobile dicing site – Soon
  • Low Supply Token – High profit revenue share

For more information, visit

Official Beta Website

Crowdsale Website

Bitcointalk Forum