How to invest and make money

How to Invest 100 Dollars and Make Money

How to invest $100 and make money

How to Invest 100 Dollars and Make Money

In this article, I will show you how you can invest money in something that’s risk-free, fun to do, long-term effective, and easy: invest online in a website (or blog).

I’m not talking about hiring a team of backend developers, app developers, website designers, content writers, etc. and getting a professional-quality website made in ten days then waiting for your first pay from your website.

The real business is very simpler than that. If you have $100 to invest, then I’d say you’re one of the better prepared people and those who have a high chance of succeeding.

Let me sum up how to invest 100 dollars and make money from it in one sentence: You choose a niche, develop content, make a simple and clean website or blog, do some marketing, and keep the website running and active.

Within a few months, you will start noticing a good deal of activity if you follow all steps correctly (steps mentioned below in detail). Within a year you will start earning a good enough amount (but not too much, most probably). And after two or more years, you will be making more money than you can handle. So you’ll invest it in other websites, blogs, and other internet marketing ways – multiplying your profits even more.

So, here’s the simple road map (you’ll invest your 100k bucks throughout these steps):

Choose a niche

The niche will be your family in your internet career. A niche is the topic or set of keywords that you will write about (or get paid content about). A good niche is specific. Very specific. If you’re thinking “cameras,” break it down to “camera lenses,” then break it down to “Canon camera lenses,” and then further break it down to “Canon camera lenses under $1k.”

The more specific you are the more profit you will get because Google loves specific content about an isolated topic. If you make a website about something as broad as “cameras” or worse yet, “photography,” then no matter how good your content is, it will take you 5 years just to get a good traffic base because there are already too many competitors.

Develop content

Content is king. Content isn’t just written articles. It includes explainer videos, guides, Q&A, audio, infographics, ebooks, and more.

Good content is required to rank higher among your competitors for the keywords you care for. Always create (or buy) original, well-researched, non-spun, plagiarism-free, opinionated, and authoritative content.

A large part of content is still written words, so plagiarism matters a lot. If you copy, your website will never see the light of the day.

Use the content

Upload the content on your website or blog. A blog can be made for free. You can make a WordPress blog to get a good traffic then move on to a website. Or you can start with a website, it’s up to you.

Upload the content on a regular basis and keep tracking your traffic using tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Alexa, etc.

Marketing and maintenance

Do some marketing: Make a Facebook page, invest in paid advertising like PPC, pay related websites to show your banners, etc.

Then, the most important step: Keep uploading fresh content! Google loves fast updating content, and even if you can make two new content contributions per week, it will be enough to develop a solid long-term base for your website.