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Social Media Based Cryptocurrency network – InvestFeed


InvestFeed – A brand new social feed/network where people can expect to join to get some insights of trading, upcoming potential ICO, potential investment and more.

Hello everyone, we suppose that our readers (you) came here to learn more about this platform.

Let us guess, our readers are usually traders, investors, short term traders, profit seeker, and long term speculators? If you are one of them, you are on the right track because InvestFeed is something that you would not wanted to miss out.

What is InvestFeed?

Before we get into detail, lets see what is InvestFeed all about. Everyone knew about Facebook, Twitter and similar platform, if you are any of the social media platform users, InvestFeed will be the next platform that you are looking to join. Why?

Because its a social platform that is available and mainly made for traders and speculators. When user browse along on Facebook, user can expect to see photos of their friends, random videos and stuffs with other categorical post. Yet, user can expect that majority of the post in InvestFeed will be financial, trading related which is really good for traders or investors.

Investfeed Social Networking

Social Networking (Working)

Traders can also take it as a social platform for sharing their insights or speculations to others. While others can comment, like and share on the generated contents by other users. Investfeed are really a great platform that could help every traders.

Investfeed already has their own website available right now! Join here

Aside from the website, the platform is also available in IOS/Android and its currently working sweet and smooth. Platform User interface is clean and neat where everyone would understand how to use.

Trending Assets

Trending Assets and Watching Signals (Working)

InvestFeed offers the users watch list feature in the social feeds, the watch list features shows user the current trending assets, assets price, assets information and more. Aside from the trending assets, user could also add their own preferred cryptocurrency or assets to the watch list. The trending assets will be notified to the user based on the indicators, heat map and trending alerts.

Investfeed Wallet integration

Wallet and Exchange Integration (Future + Integrating)

InvestFeed will add and integrate their own wallet and exchange into their platform. User could read, learn and even trade in just one platform.

Currently, InvestFeed allows user to link their InvestFeed account with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Then, user can also add and link their Brokerage account like Robinhood, OptionsHouse, TradeKing and etc. Once Brokerage account is linked, they can make trades on InvestFeed because account is linked.

Soon, when wallet and exchange is integrated into InvestFeed, it will be one of the top All-in-one platform available for every traders worldwide.

Investfeed Token

InvestFeed Token

InvestFeed token is a token or a currency that is used in InvestFeed. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, you don’t get paid for any content you published or created. User can get paid for published content in InvestFeed, user get paid with InvestFeed Tokens.

Where do the InvestFeed Tokens comes from?

InvestFeed tokens will be available from the Initial Coin Offering.

Benefit of using InvestFeed Tokens

  • Users can use the tokens to unlock content from other users.
  • Boost and promote content in InvestFeed.
  • Give incentives to the others to reward them for their hardwork.

Aside from the listed functions, because the tokens is built on top of Ethereum platform, which is also an ERC20 Tokens. It can be used to pays for other incentives like partnerships, collaboration, tokens giveaway and etc.

InvestFeed tokens is transparent and no extra tokens will be simply added to the total supply.

Why is Token Sale Needed?

Investfeed Token Sale

How much is InvestFeed Token Cost?

InvestFeed Price

As of 2/8/2017 –  10163 ETH is Raised and its 36.30% of 28,000 ETH (CAP)

Invest as soon as possible because the duration of ICO is 

Start Time    July 23rd, 2017, 9 AM UTC
End Time     August 7th, 2017, 9 AM UTC
To invest into the InvestFeed ICO, kindly join it Here
Conclusion for InvestFeed

Finally, we are finished with introductions to InvestFeed. Should you invest into InvestFeed? Personally, we think that it could be a huge platform in the future despite they already have an working product compare to most other ICO.

Furthermore, the InvestFeed tokens serve for purpose where it can be use in the platform to boost post, unlock content and also give incentives to your friends or others. It could be a really great platform where everyone can hang in there and make it the Crypto’s Facebook.

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