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Investy – Platform to Maximize Income, Minimize Risk

Investy – Platform that maximize earning and minimize risk for user

investy ico

Social Trading Platform

Hello everyone! People who are in the financial industry should have learnt and knows about Social Trading. Next, the reason why social trading is being popular because it is able to help everyone.

Aside from benefiting just one party, it benefits all the party who are involves in the platform. Fund manager earn fees and built portfolio through the platform. Then, user follow the way how the top traders trade or copy their trade. Finally, platform owner earn commissions or fees by providing the platform for the user.

Social Trading platform has been proven to be a real deal in the financial or the trading industry. Not to mention that if you are someone who are not a strong trader or has less knowledge in the crypto world, Investy could be the platform that you might looking for all these time.

Likewise, we do have quite some social trading platform for financial market like trading stock, CFDs, currencies. Etoro is one of the available social trading platform.

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Investy – A new Born Social Trading Platform

As we talk about social trading platform on top. In this section, we will be talking about what is Investy and the benefit of using Investy.

You are right if you are wondering if Investy is a social trading platform, it is. However, people might questioned why should they use investy? Why not other social trading platform?

Benefit of investy Platform

  • Expert System – Operations committed maliciously are blocked by the system, the fraudster is deprived of the opportunity to work via the platform, and investor’s money is safe.
  • The authenticity of the blockchain ratings – The results of all traders are recorded in the blockchain meaning it’s reliable and cannot be falsified. By choosing a trader according to open ratings you can be sure about the results of managing your assets.
  • Marketplace – On the marketplace the investor can choose a person or an organization which will be responsible for the management of his assets.

For example, you bring two friends into the crypto industry. However, they doesn’t has any insights or idea on whats the current status of the market, whether its moving up or down. For this reason, you introduce them to trade on top of Investy. Then 3 of you are trading on top of the platform right now.

Perhaps the top trader makes a huge order by switching his portfolio from Bitcoin to Ethereum. The platform itself is transparent, everyone can see each others portfolio.

Hence, this results a social interactive environment where people could conduct help or research based on the trading network. If you are pretty unconfident with your choice of trading, you could refer to the top traders in the network. This would be able to check if you have make a good call on buying/selling.

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Fund manager in Investy

This is by far the best features that they offer in their platform. As long as user are able to create their own trading strategy and built up their portfolio, they could then become a fund manager in Investy.

What is fund manager?

Fund manager is basically someone who have a deep knowledge and idea on the financial market. They will manage on users or companies money to maximize the profit by lower down the risk. In addition that these fund manager are usually professionals that has been in the market for longer time than normal person do. In that case, Fund manager could perform a better trade decision and make better profits.

Can i be a fund manager?

Definitely yes, why not? As long as you are a crypto enthusiast that has passion in trading, i believe we could see you on the list for sure. Fund manager is always needed to help people position their portfolio and increase their portfolio value.

How do i know if a fund manager could maximize my gain?

As mentioned on top, Investy is a platform that is built with transparency as the core value. Coupled up with the technology of Blockchain, the platform is decentralized, fair and transparent.

People could not fake their trading records or history, everything is transparent and recorded in the blockchain. Example on how much funds one manager get, how much profits/loss he made, is all shown on the platform. Thus, user can decide if they wanted to follow with it.

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Investy ICO

And finally, Investy ICO is here!

Token Sale in ICO142,000,000
Token Price$0.1
Token Soft Cap$3,200,000
Token Hard Cap$14,200,000
Token TypeERC 20
Payment Method

Benefits of IVT Token Holder

  • Access on Platform – Any trader or fund using the platform for trusted management is
    required to maintain 5% of all managed investments in IVC on the walle
  • Discount on Platform – The token holders will receive reduced commissions, the more IVC
    tokens are on the wallet, the lower the commission i
  • Subscription on Platform – Tokens will be used as subscriptions to platform service like Robot Trading or Demo account trading.
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