You know about Bitcoin, But do you know about Minex?

What is Minexcoin?


The recent Blooming Age of Bitcoin got you here?

If you actually read about bitcoin, you will know that the cryptocurrency industry is blooming and advancing rapidly. But there’s always one problem in the industry, volatility.

If we actually browse through coinmarketcap.com, we can see that the price of all the coins rise and drops without a limit. Coins can be rise up to 15000% per day, coins can also down 99% a day. Nothing is impossible in the cryptocurrency when we have Bitcoin which is valued at $2,800 since June of 2017 but 7 years ago bitcoin is like what? Less than 1 penny?

What is exactly Minexcoin?

You can think off Minexcoin is sometehing like Bitcoin, which we can send, receive, trading it globally without any interference. Other than a basic send,receive and trade, Minexcoin offers platform which combined multiple features like functions as a Infrastructure for online shopping, An Assets Trading Platform, and also investment platform.

The instruments provided at Minexcoin will ensure that you can send your money without any technical knowledge, securing your funds as an investment without any worries, you can even generate revenue from the Minexcoin Platform Itself, more information below

To learn more about the website, Visit : Minexcoin

If we have Bitcoin, Why should we use Minexcoin?

The main reason : Low Volatility 

Case Scenario : Bitcoin is value at $2800

You sold your laptop for 1 Bitcoin, which means you got $2800 if you cashed out.

You wanted to cashed out 1 Bitcoin on the Bitcoin ATM the next day.

The next day when you woke up, you go to the ATM and you sell the bitcoin and you got only $2500.

Why? Volatility

Minexcoin solve this issue where most other cryptocurrency is currently facing. Minexcoin has only million total supply, Bitcoin has 21 million. How does it control the volatility of the coin? A controlled fixed annual growth.

Minexcoin has a special algorithm prefixed. [MinexCoin’s growth is pegged to per annum growth of 10 cryptocurrencies with highest market caps] 

What does it mean? It will took the Top 10 coin with highest market caps and calculate and pegged it to the value of Minexcoin. Research shows Top 10 Coins are always competing from each other and also other coin. In order to reach Top 10, the coins market cap need to be grow. 

Therefore, Minexcoin will never drop, never lose its value but increase.

No matter you are trading it long term, short term, or use as a business payment method, you will never ever worry about holding something which will drop in value.

Great! Is there any other benefit to get Minexcoin right now?

  • Coin that will rise in value for long term
  • Coin that has low volatility
  • Coin that has a stable growth phase
  • Coin Parking – Best Feature
  • Coin that is Semi-Decentralized, Govern at Minexbank to ensure price don’t fluctuate high 
What is a coin parking?

3 Kind of parking available in Minexcoin : 

  • Short Term [1 Day]
  • Medium Term [30 Day]
  • Long Term [365 Day]

Parking basically means you stored your coin in the Minexbank, within the fix time frame, you will be given interest just like deposit into bank except going for fix deposit + Inflation will earn you basically not much interest.

Parking your coin in Minexbank gaves you more coin, at the same time as time growth, coin value goes up. The Inflation of Minexcoin push the price upwards instead of depreciate its value.

Get your Minexcoin!

Minex ico

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