Lordmancer 2 – Open World RPG Game Launched with ICO

Lordmancer 2 – An open world RPG game integrated with cryptocurrency market

Lordmancer 2

RPG Games + Mobile Games

Are you a World Of Warcraft player? Do you play Diablo 3? League of Legends? Clash of Clan? and more. RPG games is a very popular categories in the gaming industry where it involves user to play around in the game with variety types of playstyles.

Did you ever think of cashing out or trade your Clash of Clan resource to real money in real life where you can spent on other thing, is that a good thing for gamer? Definitely this is a good news for gamers. Most of the game right now has a serious problem for the gamers, gamers spent too much time in game but once they quit the game, all the time that spent to farm the items, leveling up the character is wasted.

Therefore, Lordmancer 2 is going to create a brand new RPG game that integrated with cryptocurrencies, this allows items to be traded openly with both real money and in game money. No restrictions, no rules, unlike most games which has strict rules that banned off your account if you involves in real money trading. 


Lordmancer 2

Lordmancer is already been on the mobile market for quite some times. The company decided to release Lordmancer 2 which is an enhance version of Lordmancer in terms of game play, graphics and finally, trading market integrated with cryptocurrencies.

lordmancer game features

Game Features

  • Real Time PVP
  • Open World – Constantly expanding world
  • Open Market Tradings with LC (Lord Coin)
  • Clans for territory, Castles and mines for resource extract

Real Time PVP allows user to fight or combat against each other in the real-time, which means user fight with other real online user instead of a bot user.

Open World allows player to run around the world, moving around and also exploring, you can explore the world with your friends or family. Lordmancer 2 is a very adventurous games especially it has the clans/team feature where everyone can play along and move together.

Open Market Trading is the best thing that we are focusing. This does not only allow player to trade items to items in games, this feature allows users to sell or trade items for LC (Lord Coin). Lord Coins will be listed on exchange where it could be sold for real money. Player would not be banned for trading in game items to real money.

To learn more about Lordmancer 2, visit http://lordmancer2.io/

lordmancer trading

How Lord Coin help the game?

It is a very interesting concept by integrating cryptocurrencies into Lordmancer 2. In the diagram above, we could see that 

Player 1 farms and hunt items that could be sell at a good price and he listed at exchange.

Player 2 is looking to buy the items with Lord Coin on the exchange.

When the deals is made, there will be 3 output made automatically from the exchanges.

Player 1 will receive the coins after tax (Burn purpose + Game Fund)

Player 2 will receive the items that hes bought in our case, a sword

Lets assume Player 1 continue his journey and keep on farming the items and sell for Lord coins.

If Player farm resources in Clash of Clan, when he quit , what can he do with the in game resource? Nothing.

If player farm resources in Lordmancer 2, when he quit, he could sold everything for Lord Coins which could be turn into real money.Profit

Lordmancer 2 ICO
  • Lord Coin Initial: LC
  • Total Supply: 20M
  • Pre ICO: August 21 – September 21 [Maximum of 2 Million Token To be Sold – $0.05 per LC]
  • Main ICO: October 23 – December 29 [Maximum of 13 Million Token To be Sold – $0.10-$0.12 per LC]

How is Lord coin value built?

Coin Burned – When coins burned down, this shows there will be less and lesser coins which makes the demand goes higher when more and more transactions is needed to perform which involves Lord Coin

Buying Premium Items – There will be things like cash shop where user could purchase premium items from the cash shop where it could not be farm in the RPG game.

Encourage Active Market – When more people are trading on top of the exchange or market, it makes the amount of transaction more which means more coins were burned. Hence, value of Lord Coin will increase.

Thanks for reading and for people who are interested, kindly join right now as the ICO is still on pre sale and it just 70ETH away to hit the max cap of pre sale.

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