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One of the studies says that wikipedia is the sixth popular visited site in all over the world and it is getting rank based on Alexa rankings. This token is attracting the more than 470 million visitors and it is estimating the advertising revenue at the wikipedia.

It is the best platform to advertising platform and it is widely using for many applications. Actually Ben is the bitcoin blockchain developer and he is doing plenty of things like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, data models and researching machine learning. It is the best place to obtain the information whenever you want. If you are surfing in online then you might get the detailed information about this token which is sufficient to get the detail instantly.

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Future with Lunyr

In a modern world technology has improved a lot and internet helping to the users to gather the informations want they need. In fact lunyr is alternative to the encyclopedia. Actually it is the ethereum based distributed crowd sourced encyclopedia. It is helpful to reward the people along with the app token for contributing and peer reviewing information. It is quiet similar to the wikipedia and the purpose of the lunyr is providing the reliable and accurate information. One of the studies says that system is fully decentralized and other people are handling this information by the Ethereum smart technology. It is most important one in the funding system and economic management. If you are looking to play role as contributors in lunyr then you must earn certain type of tokens. There are two different kinds of tokens are there like honour token and contributions token.

Factor to know about the Lunyr

Actually lunyr is helping to develop the API which could be creating the latest generation of the decentralized applications which is including

  • Virtual reality
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality

At the same time lunyr tokens are used to place ads at the platform and this function is playing a vital role in the quality, dispute resolution, peer review and drive contribution. Actually lunyr token is following the standard ERC20 token.

This team is consisting of the serial technical leaders, successful advisors and entrepreneurs. It is the largest ethereum community and it is mostly helping to the advertising system. It is primarily focused to improve the accuracy, grow readership and increase content.

Benefit Of Lunyr Token

Artificial intelligence is playing a vital role in lunyr and it is required the real time information. It is mostly helping to create the decentralized applications and with the help of lunyr token people might easily find out the reliable information. There are plenty of people are involving at this token and it could really helpful to the people. They are developing the amazing API which is allowing the developers to use the decentralized applications. This API is enhancing the visceral and intimate experience which is instantly attracting the virtual worlds. At the same time lunyr API is the foundation to the learning based application.

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Crowdsale Info of Lunyr

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