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Matchpool – The new Tinder Alternatives?

MatchPool – The new Tinder Alternatives?

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What is Matchpool?

Matchpool is a latest decentralized dating and matchmaking protocol which apply group dynamics factor to group up the participants or help the participants to find their love.

What does that mean?

Decentralized Dating and matchmaking protocol means that there is no one controlling on the users account, users preferences and users privacy. With the help of group dynamics in the matchmaking protocol, It helps the user to match make with the other party base on their interest and preferences.

Feeling Confused on Matchpool Matchmaking? 

Imagine, we went in to a pool club in a town. There are several pools in the club.

Pool #1 : AnimalHolic

Pool #2 : BusinessHolic

Pool #3 : MovieHolic

Pool #4: AlchoHolic

Pool #5: TravelHolic

Based on our preferences, we will go to the pool which fits our desire and interest more.

Same to Matchpool. In order to find your other part, the best you could find is the one which have the same interest as you. Look at Diagram Below.

matchpool pools

What’s So Special About Matchpool? Tinder is good

Well, of course tinder is good. In Matchpool, as mentioned above it has a pool feature.

Therefore, besides dating, Matchpool can be also used as a community group. Something like Slack or meetup group. You don’t need to date to use Matchpool, as long as you are finding a community or a group of interest to join, Matchpool solves this issue and helps you.

Being a Pool Owner

The most wonderful feature in Matchpool is become a Pool Owner. Instead of joining group of pools that is created by others. In Matchpool, we can create our own pools to invite others to join us or make the group public so that people can join us!

Matchpool divide group of participants into two categories – Joiner and Hosts

For Joiner who wish to join the others pool, they are require to pay an entry fee which is called as “GUP” in matchpool. For more information about “GUP“, kindly visit – Here for the official site detail.

Benefit of being a Pool Owner

As mentioned, in order to join a group, user are require to pay a premium fee called as a “GUP“. For Pool Owner who creates a pool, they can earn the revenue base on the fee they set for their pool.

Isn’t this fantastic? Creating a group of your interest, people who are interest with your pool joins and you get reward with “GUP” tokens! The tokens can be purchase or sold with Real Money.

Roadmap of Matchpool

matchpool roadmap

Base on the Road map, as March of 2017. They start their crowdfunding to raise fund for their project. To know more about the crowdfund, kindly visit :

User who participated in the crowdfund will receive “GUP” token base on how much they fund the Matchpool Project. Users can use the tokens in the future to create pools, join pools, host giveaway in the pool and all other kind of purposes.

Use Cases of Matchpool “GUP” Token

  • Dating
  • Membership Clubs
  • Leisure / Lifestyle
  • Businesses
  • Recruitment
  • Education
  • Health

After the whole reading, perhaps you were still feeling confused. As this matching platform uses a brand new way of match making and implement with the new currency token in their platform. Feel free to join and learn about the latest trend of match making platform at Matchpool.

For More Information, Feel free to visit

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