Monaco – The World First Cryptocurrency Card

Monaco – The World First Cryptocurrency Card

In our real life, we either pay up bills or bought items by cash or through debit/credit cards.

Certain merchants do accept cryptocurrencies but not all?

If i am here to tell you that you could made all of your payment with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, will you believe me? You will

Introducing Monaco – The World First Cryptocurrency Card

Don’t think that this card is something very magical or miracle, it is still a card that are available for you to made payment, except paying everything with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

As mentioned on top, only particular merchants in the world accept bitcoin but not everyone. In the current world, Lets say you have $2000 worth of Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet, you wanted to purchase something in real life, you need to go to sites like Localbitcoin, Coinbase, Bitstamp and etc to sell your Bitcoin for real fiat currencies. Isn’t that inconvenient?

We introduce you Monaco, a perfect solution for everyone who are in the cryptocurrency field. It allows you to spent and send money globally at perfect inter bank exchange rates.

What does inter bank exchanges rates mean?

Currency exchange rate within country to country

Monaco Payment

Benefit of holding a Monaco Card

  • Convenient
  • Good inter bank exchange rates
  • Cashback while spending
  • Fund, exchange and send money easily
  • Secure feature
  • Spending notification

As everyone can see above, there are tons of benefit of holding a Monaco Card. The best part is the convenient that Monaco brings to user. Why? Imagine, you are holding a Visa card, that you can use everywhere in the world and paying for everything especially when you are travelling and saving approximately 30-40 Euro for every 500 Euro spent. Isn’t that amazing?

Paying and spending money with Monaco with certain merchants allows you to earn cashback up to 10%. Instant Cashback up to 10% 

The Security with Monaco Card is very secure as every card holder will have their Monaco application in their mobile phone. Monaco will build in security setting like 

  • Card Blocking/Unblocking
  • Online Shopping Capability/Limit
  • Geographical Security

Finally, you can also deposit your Bitcoin/Ethereum in your Monaco Card. There will be no annual fee, monthly charges for using Monaco. Unlike credit/debit cards from bank where annual charges are made even if you doesn’t spent during the entire year.

Monaco Fees

There will be no markup or fees when you are inter bank exchange from currency to currency

Monaco will cover up the fees from exchanging USD & ETH/BTC

The only fees that user are needed to pay is 1%. Only 1% for the software licensing fee.

The fees will be use to backed up the MCO Assets Contract, hence it will increase the MCO Token value by burning the tokens. To know more about Monaco, check the whitepaper

Monaco Ico

Join the Monaco Crowdfund

The Monaco ICO! Be part of the Monaco ICO Participants

As 11/6/2017. The current price now is 130 MCO per ETH. Check Here


What’s the benefit of holding a MCO Token if i don’t use the Monaco Card?

The 1% fee will be assigned to the MCO Assets Contract. 

Lets say the total MCO token available right now is 10,000. You have 1,000 of it.

This shows you are 10% of the holder of the MCO token.

Current MCO Assets Contract has 10,000 ETH. The 10,000 ETH will be distribute proportional base on the MCO token you own.

10% of 10,000ETH will be 1,000 Ethereum. In order to obtain the 1,000 Ethereum, your 1,000 MCO will be burned. Token burned which means it will be deplete from the total supply. If you burned your token, the current leftover token in the market will be 9000 MCO.

Therefore, MCO token price will always increase as the time move on. The reason why is because when the token supply became less, which means the current MCO Token holder has more % weight compare to before.

TL;DR : The main benefit for MCO Token holder is you are holding a token that the price will only be rising and the supply will always be lower down.

monaco black card

If you are contributing, kindly check the special offer on top! The Black Card

There will be only 999 Black card available, all of the card are unique and will be assign with number 001-999, how it is assigned?

001-499 – Assigned to the Top ETH token contributor in the Monaco ICO

500-999 – Assigned to the fastest contributors (Sold Out)

No more black card will be distributed after the initial 999. For more information about the black card, check here for the information

In this ICO, 888,888 ETH is the maximum funding they need, it is currently at 45,650 ETH. The ICO Timer left is 7 Day, if you are interested, get in as soon as possible! Don’t miss your opportunity!

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