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NapoleonX – Crypto Assets Manager running with Bot!

Napoleonx – Crypto Asset Manager with Trading Bot Army

Napoleonx ICO

Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency trading has been growing enormously and it becoming main stream time by time. In the 2017, the whole cryptocurrency industry has actually bloom from $19B to $216B as of today. (Source: Coinmarketcap)

Whats with crypto trading?

Crypto trading is a money making instruments especially in the current era where technology is being appreciated. However, how do you make sure you are one who makes money? Are you investing in the correct ico? A real developing ico? Or just plainly investing in a coin that you have no idea whats going on?

Its all the problem that everyone would face. Most people have no idea on where the trading momentum is going, where the traders are going to and etc.


Solution for Crypto Trading

People are stuck with crypto trading and ICO investing. Hence, there’s always solution for it.

With the growth of technologies, we have Crypto Forecasting Model, Crypto Trading Bots, Crypto Signals, Crypto News and more. All of these information and tools are available online as long as you “Google it”.

However, is all these tools/information reliable? Can we make sure that they doesn’t just leech our deposit or investment and go? There are Crypto Signals that actually lead someone to participated into a Pump and Dump Model based ICO/Trading. Therefore, one who actually gave the Crytpo Signals will always be the one who are making money off the one who are following the signal. Thus, this results a bad trading environment for people especially the new traders and beginners. Below, we will show you guys about a really great tools that will lead you guys to the new investment world.

Napoleonx Infographic

Napoleonx.AI – DAF

Hey Soyamoney, may i know what is this? whats DAF? How would it help me?

Don’t worry guys, we will solve your doubt after you reading this.

What/Who is Napoleonx.AI?
Napoleonx.Ai is a brand new financial solution that would benefit people who are in the blockchain ecosystem which would manage the best out of their savings/investment.

How can Napoleonx.AI helps the user to manage their investment?
Napoleonx.Ai has created a brand new smart solutions, which is called as Decentralized Autonomous Fund (DAF). A financial automated solutions that is govern and manage by trading bots.

What’s DAF again? Why should i use this trading bot signal instead of trusting myself?
DAF stands for Decentralized Autonomous Fund. DAF is form when a DAO Contract is paired up with a performing trading bots. When people are trading themselves, rational and emotional often bring into trading. However, trading efficiency and profitability can be enhance when trading with algorithmic tradings bots because they follow rules.

How can i ensure that those trading bots doesn’t goes malfunction or traded the wrong way?
That’s the best thing why “DAF” is the solution that exist in Napoloeonx.AI. As of currently, we do have other trading bots like Gunbot, CAT trader and tons of other bot available in the crypto scene. However, all of these bot only run with a fix types of strategies. If you run Strategy A, it will always stick to Strategy A.

“DAF” is different, and unique performed. It consist multiple trading bots strategy by blending them into one “DAF”. You can think of a “DAF” as a combination of multiple trading bots. Hence, you are diversifying your investment by investing into any of the “DAF”.

Napoleonx roadmap


Napoloeonx.AI Roadmap 

Based on the roadmap, we can see that Napoleonx will be doing their ICO on the 4th of December in 2017 until the 4th of January in 2018, which is a 1 month ICO.

Next, Napoleonx Platform and Asset management status will be acquire and complete within the 6-9 months after post ICO. It will then follow by Launching their first 10 Napoleonx Indices and soon launching their DAFs.

Napoleonx.AI ICO Token – NPX Token

User who participated in their ICO will get the NPX Token in return. Therefore, you might wonder on why do you need to invest in Napoleonx? Is the ICO worth investing it?

For those who wonder, Benefit of NPX Token includes

  • The personal usage of the trading bots signals of the trading bots that will be implemented in the 10 first DAFs. Meaning that token holders grant access to the trading bots signals that will be provided by the DAFs. Isn’t it worth it? Free Trading signals for life
  • Access to rental fees (“Botons”), for the first 10 DAFs. For people who wanted to use the DAFs, they would require to pay a rental fees which is called “Botons”. 25% of the positive performance will be paid to the NPX holders. NPX will be granted 85% of the “Botons”. Revenue Sharing Rights
Napoleonx.AI ICO Information
Token NameNapoleon X (NPX)
ICO DateDEC 4th 2017 – JAN 4th 2018
Number of Tokens17,500,000
Minimum Cap25,000 ETH
Hard Cap100,000 ETH
ICO Price1 ETH = 100 NPX
Minimum Contribution1 ETH / 0.1 BTC / 1000 EUR
Currencies AcceptedETH/BTC/EUR

More Information Regarding on Napoleonx.AI 

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