Never use an easy password for your account

$500 for an experience, Never use an easy password for your account – Burst Wallet Hacked

$500 for a lesson

Never use an easy password for your account

Well, something kinda unfortunately happened to me today.

Due to the nature of laziness to put a secure password but instead of an easy memorable password. My account was hacked and $500 worth of coins is lost.

$500 burstcoin hacked At the point of hacking, you can see on top. 3.3k coins is moved to another address. Each coin is worth $0.003 at the time this incidents happen. That transaction worth $10

But look at the 0+1, Those are all the assets that are transferred away to the person who compromised my wallet. I spent around $500 for all of those coins to purchase the assets and it is all gone for now.

Feeling after the incident

To be honest, i don’t blame the one who actually took my coins. Because of him, i actually realize that my password is just so weak. I used multiple types of password in all my digital wallets and account credentials. Due to me being too careless and ignore the notification. (Every time i log in it will remind me that my passphrase is just too weak, but i choose to ignore it.) The password combination i use is wowwowwowwow

Password Characteristic

-Total of 12 Characters
-3 Characters repetitive x 4 Times
-No numbers, No Symbols

Based on the passphrase above, it is actually indicate a very weak password as we all can see. There is no numbers, no symbols. Next, it only uses 3 alphabet from 26 list of alphabet that is available. “wow” is a common word where everyone knows and it will always be an easy choice for people who wanted to include this word in their password. 

Burst wallet hacked

What password should i use then?

Unlike normal log in credentials that is required us to access an account. It’s different in burst wallet. You can simply enter into a wallet by just entering a passphrase. [In other words, passphrase is something like your password – Private Key] There’s no need of creating account or register account to use the wallet. You can simply type “abc”, “hello”, “password” and enter into any wallet with full access. There’s no need of matching username + password for this.

Password that should be used

If we actually look at sites with password strength indicator, they will show you how strong your password is
-Pure Character / Pure Number – Weak
-Characters with Numbers – Average
-Characters, Numbers with Symbols – Secure
-Upper Case Characters,  Numbers with Symbols – Very Secure

If you had never got your account compromised or hacked by unknown, you will feel that there’s nothing to worry as even with just characters they couldn’t access your account. But the truth is, its just the matter of time. Most of my account do have characters, numbers and symbols. Except this case, i actually used 12-16 characters for my digital wallet. A really big mistake i ever made.

Mistake I made

Main Mistake I made

Not using the passphrase that is generated by Burst Wallet

If you ever think that you are hacked by someone and you wanted to blame fully on the hacker, you are wrong. Partial of the responsibility is on you yourself.

Burst Wallet – they did actually generated me a very good and well secure random passphrase with 12 random word from dictionary, we have more than 171,476 Words in our English dictionary. It actually took random words from it and make it your passphrase. Even by brute force method, with just 15 Characters with a very strong machine to try, it takes Million of years. Feel free to try the Brute Force Calculator Here

After all of this, we do hope that our readers will consider changing their password into a more secured password and be more security concerned especially related to your wealth and finance.
Don’t make the mistakes that Soyamoney had made because such mistakes will hold you back.

We wish everyone have a great day and if you think our article worth a mention and share, kindly do that and create awareness
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