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Oyster ICO – An alternative solution for website owner to generate revenue

oyster ico

Are you a web master that are searching for ways to monetize your website? and you do realize that there are tons of way to monetize your website like:

  • Advertisment
  • Affiliate Programs
  • CPA (Call Per Action)
  • Generating Leads
  • More

Among all of these, placing an advertisement might be the easiest method to generate income with your website. The more traffic you get, you would get more earnings. The best advertisement firms for the publisher is Google Adsense, everyone uses it. It has by far the largest list of advertisement in their ads warehouse.

But there comes a problem, how do you ensure that you are maximizing your profit?

Advertisement Issue

Problem with Advertisements

For all the web master and web visitors. Everyone of them have a problem with the advertisements on their websites. Web Masters is not favorable when it comes to advertisement because they are not earning enough.
Why say so? A case study by Adweed shows that 26% of desktop users uses Adblock. It is equivalent to that if there’s 4 visitor, 1 of them will not see any ads. This results a revenue lost for the web masters.

Next, our web visitors, a.k.a users. It has no doubt that all the users would like to have an Ad-free environment where they can read what they want, watch what they want. “Ads are annoying, how i wish i can remove all the Ads someday later” is a mindset that is pre-imaging into the users mind.
Because they are not people who created or manage the website, they wouldn’t know how much revenue is lost and so.

Therefore, monetizing a website is always something hard because there are tons of factor that will affect the website owners earning. Everyone is trying out their best to survived and earn more with advertisement because it is by far, the easiest way of setting up the advertisement on the websites.

Oyster Solution

Solution from Oyster.ws

The truth is, nothing is unsolvable. When there’s an issue, there will always be a solution to it. Perhaps one solution might not be the direct fix to it, but it could at least reduce the negative impact one issue can bring on.

Thus, Oyster.ws came out with a brilliant idea that would solve both problem from Web master and Web user. Perhaps we couldn’t call it a brilliant idea because there’s already such way of monetizing available currently. However, Oyster.ws took it forward to create a better monetizing solution for it.

How It Works?

If you think that placing an advertisement is the easiest method to generate income. The way how Oyster.ws monetize your site might be the best method you would hope you never missed out. It is as easy as copy and paste one line of code into your website.

Seriously? Yes. You are reading it and its 100% True. By adding the line of code to your website, your website might be better looking as it is currently Ad-free which would make the user more satisfied.


How does it generate income if nothing is shown?
Website visitors contribute a portion of their CPU and GPU power to enable users’ files to be stored on a decentralized and anonymous ledger. In return, such users indirectly pay the website owners for maintaining the storage of their data.

In that case, basically a web masters doesn’t show anything to the user. When a user visited the website, a portion of the users CPU/GPU power will be use to operate and run some sort of system like IPFS that will be stored file and maintain it.


It has everything that could solve the monetizing issues for a web masters, Ad-free environment for a web users. Although the web users might not like it because somehow it may slow down its PC.

However, Oyster.ws will somehow make it customize-able for how much power is drawn out from CPU/GPU to operates the Oyster Network. This would reduce the power load drawn from the users PC and still not losing on profits.

Last but not least, Oyster.ws is also doing their ICO which will be closing down soon. Kindly have a look at their website for more information.

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