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Qchain – Dual Blockchain ✚ Advertising Platform

QChain – Dual Blockchain Advertising Platform

Qchain ico

Online Advertising

Online advertising has been a great way to market your product, to create brand awareness and also to promote something effectively.

Next, With the increasing population of social media platform user like Facebook, Twitter and etc, the demand of online advertising is become bigger and stronger. The reason why is because online advertising has been proven to perform better compare to traditional advertising method like Newspaper ads, Flyer, Radio advertising and etc.

Has people abandoned traditional advertising? and why do traditional advertising still exist?

If you may wonder, since online advertising is so efficient compare to traditional way of advertising or offline advertising, why do people still promote it offline?

Hence, we will be going to talk about, the current problem with online advertising

  • Fraud Traffic
  • Not getting good conversions
  • Platform is not trasparent
  • Centralized


Problem with Online Advertising

Fraud Traffic is a serious issue that has been exist in online advertising very long time ago. It is abused in the way the publisher sent fake traffic to the website to earn revenue from advertisement. Thus, this results the advertiser are paying money to advertise to no-one but dead traffic.

Next, didn’t get to convert traffic into leads or profit. As we mentioned on top, fraud traffic is a serious issue in online advertising. Hence, this results that whenever the advertiser is spending money to promote on their product, their product is shown to no-one. Imagine if you are showing your shoe to 1,000 people, but 800 of them are bots. This results that you are paying a premium of 1,000 people for just 200 potential customer.

Furthermore, Platform is not trasparent. Everyone knows that the current way of doing business are usually doing in the background. All the operations, management are done and decide by the authorized party. If you are bidding for a CPC keyword for $1, how can you sure that you are paying the highest? Can you trust the platform if they are telling you their highest bid is $2 so you gotta pay more? This is the issue with the current advertising platform currently.

Lastly, Centralization. As mentioned on top, all the decision, updates are all decided by one party. If the authorized person are not happy with your advertisement, he/she could just remove your advertisement and take your money. After that, he then mentioned you broke the rules so the money is locked. Who can helps you get back the money? No one. When a platform is centralized, everything would be unfair because decision is made by a fix party.

Qchain Dual Blockchain

Qchain- Blockchain Advertising platform (✚ Two Blockchain)

If you are looking for the solution to solve the problems on top, you might be lucky you are reading this. Qchain is the platform that could actually solve all the problems on top.

What is Qchain?
Qchain, is an advertising platform that is built on top of the blockchain. Thus, the platform is decentralized, transparent and most importantly, cheap fees.

Huh? Blockchain Advertising? Why should i use this but not Facebook advertising?
This is because blockchain advertising is the future of the technology. We strongly believe that Facebook will soon starts to integrate their applications with Blockchain. Next, the cost of advertising can be dramatically reduced because there’s no third party involved like Paypal or Bank.

Could Transparency really help in online advertising?
Yes, Blockchain are able to track record of all the past history/data into blocks. Imagine, if you wanted to find out on how much is bid on the keyword “Buying Car Online” in the past 3 year, can you do it? Trust us, you can’t, because all the data source are hidden and kept in the Advertising solution firm. With Blockchain, there’s nothing that you can’t see, all the data, pricing, history of bidding and etc will be all publicly accessible by anyone.

Why should we use 2 Blockchain instead of just 1? Wouldn’t that be very?
Qchain, research and decide to built the platform that is integrated with 2 Blockchain. People might wonder, why do we use 2 Blockchain instead of 1? There’s cases like miners suddenly switch their mining network or stop mining on the network. This results the network to be stuck and move slowly. Hence, Qchain come out with a Dual Blockchain advertising solution. User can stick with which blockchain they feel they are confident with.

Qchain tokens

Qchain ICO – Dual Tokens ICO

As they have 2 Blockchain, this result them to have 2 types of token to be sold in the ICO.

  • EQC
  • XQC

Tokens Usage

Both the tokens will has the similar function which will be used to engage in transactions and access the services on the Qchain application.

Token Type

EQC is the token which will be based on the Ethereum chain. Hence, EQC is ERC20-compliant, which means the user can store their EQC in their Etheruem wallet.

XQC is the token which will be built on top of the XEM chain. Tokens could be store in the NEM(XEM) netwokr.

Token Amount

There will be a total of 250,000,000 tokens available in the network (125M respectively). 60% will be sold in the token sale event.

ICO Detail

Amount of Token in ICO75,000,00075,000,000
Price1 ETH = 4000 EQC1 XEM = 4 XQC
Currencies AcceptedETHXEM
ICO DateOctober 24th, 2017 to December 5th, 2017
Token UsageAccess the services on the Qchain application
 Min Cap1000 ETH (Achieved) 100,000 XEM (Achieved)
Bonus: Should i invest in this ICO?

This question, is always the most asked questions in the Crypto industry. Hence, short points here

If you are someone

  • Looking for long term holding

  • Has plan to use the platform’s service

  • Believe that Dual Blockchain could work well

  • Would like to try out how Blockchain Advertising work

  • Looking for project with medium marketcap (Unsold tokens will be burned)

Then, this is the ico project that you can invest in it. We personally would not suggest people to invest more than 30-50% of their portfolio value in one ICO. Unless you trust the project and love it, then you can do that.

Good luck!

More information regard on Qchain

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