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SmartBillion Lottery

Smartbillion ico

Online Lottery

Online lottery has became famous since several years ago when online lottery get recognized and legalized in certain countries. Compare online lottery and offline lottery is just making online lottery more attractive as an option compare to offline lottery.

Online Lottery VS Offline Lottery

Availability and Convenience

In the traditional way of purchasing lottery, people would first need to go to the physical shop. Then followed by buying and choosing their lottery tickets, proceed with payment and wait for result. Next, physical lottery shop does not operates 24/7 and not everyone can access to the lottery due to country regulations and laws.

This is where online lottery became a preferred choice compare to buying it physically. Purchasing lottery ticket through web is so damn convenient. First, people would just need to register an account with the particular sites/3rd party buyer, then pick their own number and just paid online. Everything can be finished with just few minute with computers or even mobile phones.

Prizes and Reward

Did you ever encounter situation where you forgot to check your lottery ticket which you bought last week? Or you have no time to redeem at the physical shop because you were too busy?

Online lottery is a solution for the prizes and reward. Most online lottery offers you to receive notification if you have won the lottery that you participated. There’s no need to move anywhere because they will collect the prizes in behalf of you and then sent you your payment.

BUT, there’s comes a problem. Trust and Fairness

Trust and Fairness

We have really good pros when we compare online lottery over offline lottery. However when we come to the legality and trustworthiness of the online lottery firm, offline lottery would have a comparable edge here.

Why? It is because physical lottery shop are usually backed and govern by country laws and regulations. Therefore, there will be no need of worrying that you might not get your winning prizes.

But if we compare it to buying lottery ticket online, it should have few problem there. First of all, people could not identify if the online lottery syndicate is real or fake. Then, certain online lottery firms didn’t actually purchase the lottery tickets once they received your funds. They will usually act as the house and will be dealing with users, this type of online lottery firms is very unstable especially when user won a big prizes.

Smartbillion vs competitor

Smartbillion solutions towards the current lottery industry issues

The current lottery industry is already developed and its kinda fully deployed, which means they hardly make any changes or improve as the business model for it is considered constant profit.

However, Smartbillion believe that the lottery industry can still be improved. Hence, they bring out the integration of Blockchain and the ultimate upgrade, Smart contracts. Instead of making it centralized and controlled by themselves, they actually try to make the platform decentralized and everything would be automated regardless its payment, lottery picking time, lottery fairness and etc.

Higher Jackpot Payout

The maximum payout would be x7,000,000.
Months ago there were another lottery ICO which is Trueflip. Trueflip offers up to x223,260.
Therefore, players can see that Smartbillion is offering a much more higher jackpot payout compare to trueflip.

However if we compare it to POWERBALL (Offline Lottery), althought POWERBALL have jackpot up to x26,400,400. It is volatile and not consistent, which means the jackpot varies time by time.

It is clearly shown that Smartbillions is the winner here in terms of consistency and huge winnings in the aspect of payout.

User Friendliness range of numbers in lottery

Unlike the traditional lottery which is complex that user gotta pick within 1-69 numbers and makes a combo with 1-26 or other number with a big range.

Smartbillions offers only simply range of 0-15. This increase also the chance of hitting the jackpot

Higher chance of winning in Smartbillion

Smartbillions definitely show their strong competitive edge compare to their competitors.

Lottery FirmsOdds of winning jackpot
Smartbillions1 : 16,777,216
Trueflip1 : 49,578,984
POWERBALL1 : 292,201,338

Decentralized Structure

Smartbillions is decentralized unlike Trueflip and POWERBALL. This means that if you have won a lottery in all 3 of the lottery firms. Smartbillions will pay you instant once you win. But trueflip and POWERBALL can decide whether they wanted to pay you which make it centralized.

When it comes to betting or gambling, decentralized should always be prioritize because when a user win something, it means they won. Nothing can prevent the winnings payment to be denied.

Lower House Edge

Lottery FirmsHouse Edge

Smartbillions has the lowest house edge with only 13.85%

Smartbillion Fund Management

SmartBillion Fund Management

Smart billion Fund will be manage by Smart Contracts. Admin would only handle on the Marketing and development of the smart contracts. Payment towards Lottery winner, Token holders and affiliate are all automated and handled by Smart Contract.

Smartbillion Token

SmartBillion Token

What is Smartbillion token?

It is a cryptocurrency token that is issued by the Smartbillion team to raised fund for their jackpot.

Can i buy the token if i don’t play lottery?

Yes, Smartbillions token is available for everyone

If i don’t play lottery, then why should i buy the Smartbillion token?

When you purchased or own the tokens, you are consider as part of the Smartbillion Stakeholder

Whats the benefit of holding Smartbillion token?

Smartbillion tokens would offer to pay out dividend monthly to the token holder.

How much dividend can i expect?

Well the estimated dividend is unsure. But the profitability of the dividend comes from 5% of the sales in the lottery ticket. Therefore, more ticket bought = more revenue.

Smartbillion 2017 Roadmap

Roadmap of Smartbillions in 2017

Smartbillion ICO sales

Smartbillions Token ICO
Token InitialPLAY Token
Price1 PLAY Token : 0.001ETH (~$0.3)
Max Hard Cap for ICO200,000 ETH
Token Sale Time16/10 – 30/10

How Smartbillions work

For more information regarding on Smartbillions, Kindly Check it on:

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And finally, Smartbillion also have their own Hackathon which have prize worth $0.5 Million (~1500 ETH).

If you think you are good at security loopholes, join their Hackathon and take the money! Good luck to both investors, readers and also to Hackathon Participants!