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Snip.Network: The Future of News on the Blockchain

In this modern era, social media sites are where people usually browse online to read news. People can usually read news or published content from social media sites like Facebook. We have social sharing site like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest too.

Facebook has been proven to have more than 1.2 Billion user monthly in their platform. Source: Forbes

Problem with current news/content creation site

Especially for people who browse Facebook daily, user can realize that currently there’s too much click-bait articles, misinformation news and inaccurate information. Therefore, its a pain for the readers, although people know that its click-bait, people still read because it is able to attract the interest of human beings.

Next, any types of news is available on the platform. Even though most platform has their own machine learning algorithm to decide on what kind of content should be display towards their readers. Then, certain news type are not allowed and will be censored or removed once people report on the post, thus making a platform centralized.


Snip.Network Solution towards the current problem

The main solutions for Snip.Network is turning the news content creation platform with the integration of blockchain technology. It solves tons of problems, and allow many types of content to be published in the Snip.Network platform. This platform offers user a great platform to interact, publish content, and the best part is giving incentives.

How incentives will solve the current content publishing platform?

The important and key feature of this platform is the function which allow user to give incentives to reward the content created by someone else.

Therefore, lets say someone posted a content with misleading information or just click bait article without proper research, you could just read and ignore it. While articles that are high quality and informative will be rewarded with Snip Coin by the users because they provide valuable insights.

Categories of articles that could easily earn the writers with Snip Coin:

  • Breaking News
  • Concurrency Hot News
  • Politics
  • Betting Insights
  • Live Sports
  • More

How work

Snip Coin in Snip Network

There are 3 types of user that would be interacting in the platform.

Advertisers, Readers and Writers

Advertisers are mainly user that wanted to bring awareness or promote their products online. Snip.Network allow them to advertise their product base on the categories, therefore there will no waste of cost in advertising compare to other platform.

Readers are just like user in Facebook, Twitter where they interact with each other status, published contents.

Writers are user which will create or published useful content in the platform, Snip.Network offers the writers to get incentives by publishing useful content. roadmap

Roadmap of Snip.Network 

As of January of 2017, Snip.Network already launched their MVP platform which is

Follow by June of 2017 where they start to release their whitepaper and pre-seed investment opportunities for public.

Crowdsale will be in September of 2017. Then Alpha and Beta will then be released in the Q1-Q2 of 2018. crowdsale

Snip Coin ICO

Snipcoin is the currency which is used in the Snip.Network platform, it can be used in

  • Advertising
  • Rewarding Content Creator
  • Service Payment
  • Subscription
  • And More

Aside from earning, user can also buy Snip Coin to perform several action through the platform. If you like , Snip.Network is something that you should also look for.

Snip Coin Crowdsale Details

Start Date: Sep 29th, 2017 23:00:00 UTC
Total Supply:
10,000,000,000 SNP
Token For Sale in ICO:3,000,000,000 SNP (30%)
Hard Cap:$8,000,000
Payment Currency:ETH

To learn more about Snip.Network, kindly refer:

Official Website