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Looking for the “Facebook” based Bitcoin?

Hello guys! First of all, we all know that “Facebook”,”Instagram” has been a successful platform for several years. Furthermore, it’s the top 10 social media application available in the world.

Bitcoin has been performed well since the Q1 of 2017. This is where everyone starts to get crazy about it. According to CNBC, there are more than 100,000 customers were added to Coinbase after CME Group announce adding Bitcoin Futures as one of the Futures Trading pair.

In addition to the growth of the Cryptocurrency market, Altcoin like Ethereum, Litecoin and tons of other coins are also eyed and speculated by tons of people. As everyone knows, all the cryptocurrencies has its own blockchain and serves for different purpose. Hence, cryptocurrencies that start off with a unique idea or enhance the current industry will always get appreciated. Thus, everyone is always questioning, “When will a Facebook-like coin get launch?”

What is socialx

What is SocialX?

If you are someone who is looking and hyping for a decentralized social media platform, or a “Facebook” liked cryptocurrencies. Here you go, we present you SocialX

SocialX.Network is a decentralized platform that will be utilizing and focusing on the social media.

If you are confused on what is SocialX
You can imagine it as Facebook/Instagram integrate with Bitcoin.

What does that mean by integrating a social platform with coins?
User can expect that you are using a platform like Facebook, but with features like Sending/receive “Facebook Coin”

Will SocialX has its own cryptocurrency?
Yes! SocialX cryptocurrency will be name as SocialX Token.

What can people do with the SocialX token?
This might be the most interesting question that people may ask. SocialX token, is not just an ordinary token like what people thinks. Imagine, if John posted one photo on SocialX platform, you think that the photo looks nice. Hence, you tip John with SocialX token as a reward for his contribution. Although the contribution might not meant to be for you, but you could tip him as your appreciation towards his Artwork.

Furthermore, SocialX token could also be used for the purpose of advertising. For example, you wanted to promote your product on the platform. Then, you could pay it with SocialX token. This could speed up the transaction and you are also paying less fees because it does not need any third-party payment setup.

SocialX decentralized platform

Benefit of using SocialX

  • Data Control – User has all the access on all their published content and also their data. They can decide whether they wanted to make their content public or make it premium content.
  • Decentralized – The best part of using a blockchain is it provides a decentrazlied platform. Everyone in the platform will have an equals rights to vote or decide on the decision or changes.
  • Creative Content Appreciation – This is the main benefit of why people should use Socialx. User are able to monetize their content and make profit with it.
  • Better Advertising Experience – Instead of just showing your ads to a bunch of fraud traffic users, it targets all the real users in the platform. Hence, Traffic Fraud is eliminated in Blockchain.
  • Publisher/Advertiser User Friendly – SocialX is not a platform mainly just to make money for the company, it wanted to create a brand new environment and community for people. Platform will be User friendly for every type of users.
  • No censorship of content – Whatever you post, whatever you say, would not get deleted by one entity. As long as you dare to voice out your opinion, you are allowed to do so. Only when majority of the community decide to delete your content. Else, you are getting no censorship of whatever you post.


Advantage Matrix of SocialX, SteemIt, and Instagram

Advantage Matrix

SocialX platform focuses more on Photos and Videos compare to Steem

The main benefit in short for using SocialX would be content monetize and decentralized. First of all, user would have missed out a lot of chances to earn money if they posted tons of content in the past in either Facebook or Instagram. In SocialX, your content is appreciated by the community. As long as you post content that deserve reward, you will be getting SocialX Token from the community. If someone likes your instagram photos, you never get paid for every likes.

Next, decentralized is what makes the platform better. Right now, none of the social media platform is decentralized because none of the decision is made by majorities. For example, if one of the mod does not really like your content, they can just delete it by simply giving an excuses. In fact, decentralized solves this issue. User are allowed to post whatever they want and this is how Social media should work where “Freedom of Speech” is prioritized.

SocialX Sent payment

Get SocialX Token and sent it to your friends!

ICO Token:SocialX Token
Minimum Cap in ETH:1,000 ETH
Maximum Cap in ETH:30,000 ETH
Minimum Cap in $:$300,000
Maximum Cap in $:$10,000,000
Exchange Rates:TBA (Check on ICO Page)
Funding Currencies:ETH
For More Information Regarding on SocialX
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