Best way to start off an online business

Good way to start an online business at your 20’s

Good way to start an online business

Best way to start off an online business

Ever think of starting your own online business? Especially for the 20’s

Dear Readers, Welcome to the digital age!

Yes, we have came into an era where everything is all about online, from reading to entertainment, everything took change in form from physical to digital. In the olden days, our parents would advice us to read more books and visit the local bookstores to get some reading materials to improve our knowledge.

But things has changed, with the revolution of the digital age. People could now just browse through online, read or even buy e-books. This process deplete the needs of taking a ride for visiting a store to get the books. User can just sit at their home, browse through site, click and read. No need of petrol, traffic jam, and the cost of getting the electronic version of book is even cheaper than the physical product itself.

How easy can we start an online business?

Do you know how to use social media like Facebook? Twitter? Or even Youtube? We can gurantee 98% of you knows how to uses it well.

If the answer above is yes, you are capable of doing an online business. Nothing is possible if you never even try.

Don’t try to complicating it. It is actually just easy like knowing a friend and go for a movie. The process is just few steps towards success.

success online business

Secret to succeed – start an online business

Think of a unique product/niche > Built a website/Use Social Media > Market your product > Profit

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Blueprint for a success online business

Think of a unique product/niche

We know, majority of the user would think about clothes. This is because if we actually use Facebook, we can always see people tried to sell off clothes online. Trust us, it is considered as a good business because its mandatory for everyone.

In order to become the success one in one of a million. Unique, is the keyword that we are looking at it. Everyday, more and more people wanted to start off their own online store to learn about how to start an online business. This results a strong competitive rivalry between each other, to outperform or get an competitive advantage, your product must be something unique.

Lets say you wanted to start an online business in the fashion industry. Although the competitive environment is strong, we would ask you to give it a try.  Perhaps you fail for the first time, you didn’t really perform a good sales or could not generate the profit in mind, there’s nothing to worry. Remember, every things would pay off eventually. Although you lose some money at start, but this money in return provide you with knowledge and experience. Experience is what we looking for in business, no one actually success in one try.

How do we consider unique?

How do we consider unique?

If everyone is selling clothes, how do you make it unique? Design and preferences is what we looking at.

Design is generally something that creates the uniqueness on a product. Example, the images of traffic light in your mind could be different with the others.

Some people would thinks that the traffic light shows Red, Yellow, Green.
Wheres some others thinks that the traffic light shows Red, Orange, Green.
This will results the differences in design.

Preferences is something that are favor by an individuals based on their interest, hobbies, favorite and etc. In this article, we would show you about how to market your product based on the preferences of human.

As of May in 2017, the recent famous and viral movie were Beauty and The Beast. We will uses this movie as an example.

  • Perhaps you thinks that Emma Watson who act as Belle looks fantastic in that movie.
  • Perhaps you thinks that people who like to have a product that relates to her.

From the preferences, you could make a shirt with Emma’s gorgeous face. This in results, will creates a preferences as a unique point in your product. But, before you do that, you might need to contact to the particular company who hold the copyright of the celebrities for commercial uses. Therefore, we would suggest it would be best to create your own artwork instead of just using someone else content. Learn more about using celebrities images on shirt.

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Built a website/Use Social Media

Building a website or use social media as a platform for your online business? Well, this depends on your own preferences.

Some people will prefer to market their product on the social media because there’s no need to worry about managing the web content but just focus on the social media platform.

Wheres some others thinks that to start an online business, having a website is mandatory else it’s not called as an online business. With the help of website, you could design your own website, list the product in the website of your own and more other advantage.

Why not Both? We can create a website, share it through social media and makes promotion on social media. This is the double win strategy that you would never hope to not doing it.

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Market your product

Market your product

The final steps to secure a success in your online business. In order to market your product, we gotta pick a right audience. We wouldn’t wanted to target gamers with books and we wouldn’t wanted to target cat lovers with dog food. The right audience is the key to get your product market and sold.

It is very important to perform a market research before we actually sell something to the customer. By targeting the right audience, we mean customer that would purchase product from us and stay with us. Operating an online business isn’t something that just sell and bye. To run an successful online business, acquiring new customer and retaining new customer is very important.

Retaining customer is very important in online business because of the dynamic changes in the online competition. The moment you tried to look for profit instead of handling your customer well, you are potentially giving away your customer to the competitors.

Aside from making profit, after sales service is very important to operate an online business long term. We wouldn’t wanted to disappoint our customer after they purchase our product. Who knows in the future he might buying your product in bulk? Every customer is important and we should always prioritize customer to profit because profit is short term but customer is long term.

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