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How to start an online store? With Shopify, you can!

How to start an online store?

If you have ever came across of online shops like Amazon, Ebay, Lazada and Etc.

Instead of selling on their platform, you could sell it on your own online shop! [Literally your own online shop]

Yes, this is true! Especially in the 2017. 

In the olden days, in order to setup an online store or an e commerce website, a general coding skill is required in order to built or setup an online store. But as the technology advance and evolves, you can create your own online store without any skills!

How easy can you create an online store?

How to start an online store? Trust me, you would be regret for not starting your own business as soon as possible!

The reason why is E-commerce is blooming and its on the current trend. More and more web shops are pushing themselves from offline business to online business.

Get 14 Days Free Trial on Shopify by this link – Here

There’s No credit cards needed for the free trial, Basic Information will do for the 14 days free trial! Therefore, there’s no worries if you are worried to spent money for nothing. With the trial, you could find out and learn more before you actually started your own online shop

How to create an online store without skills with Shopify?

Is it true that i can create an online store without any skills? Yes

What can i do with the Shopify Online Store Platform? How to start an online store?

Home Page

best website builder for small business

This is the online store template that is available when you register.

You can just drag and drop the images, insert text and it will be replace with what you have input

Product Menu

online store builder

This is how the item will be display in the website.

You can upload the images, enter the desire price and description of items

Once product image and description is input, everything will be updated.

Shopify Platform Menu

ecommerce website development with shopify

You can customize your online web store with Shopify.

All the available setting and options you will needed to operate your online web store is located at the left.

Customize Template without coding skills

build ecommerce website with shopify

As stated, there’s no worries of weak coding skills, no general skills to run an online store.

Shopify got ya!

You don’t need things below to start an online shop :

  • Coding Skills
  • Design Skills
  • Online Marketing Skills
  • Domain and web hosting

User can start off their online business with just $29 per Month! Isn’t that Amazing?

Benefit of using Shopify as an online store platform

With $29 Package, user are entitle to :

  • Unlimited Number of Products
  • 2 Staff account
  • 24/7 Support
  • Discount Codes
  • Free SSL Certificate – Extra Protection which increase customers confident
  • Unlimited File Storage

There are several types of package available too in Shopify like the $79 and $299 Plan. But as a starter, the $29 Plan is just more than enough as you can even have 2 staff account to manage your online shop!

Yet, We still hope that user can start and learn without paying anything before getting into the real business.

Sign up for the 14 Days Free Trial Here


In the meantime of 14 days trial, you could learn and experience how interesting this journey will be.

Next, you could also save cost by this free trial. At the end of journey, you can finally decide to continue on this online shop journey or stop.

But remember, failing at start doesn’t mean that you will be failing forever.

Perhaps you might get very low sales conversion when you set up your store. Take it as experience and learn. Climb up from where you fall, this is the way to succeed on an online business!

Sign up for the 14 Days Free Trial Here to start off your online shop!