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No idea how to invest in Real Estates? Swarm Fund Got You!

Swarm Fund – Real Estates Ownership Platform 

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Real Estate Market

REM refers to property which consist of land and buildings on it, or it can even be just an empty land. Real estate investment can be ranging from empty land, small houses, apartments or even large scale building like malls.

Aside from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate is one of the investment instruments that people tend to look at. Especially for people who wanted to make money with money but doesn’t wanted to leave it in the bank due to low interest. Return of investment (ROI) is running around 9.5% – 11.8% per annum depends if it’s commercial real estates, residential real estates or REITS. Source: (Investopedia)

Real Estate

Real Estate Funds

What is real estate funds? Real estate funds is funds that is a collection of funds from multiple investors. The funds will then be used to invest in real estates which will be handled and decide by the company. Real estate funds is mainly for people who either

  • Lack of funds to invest in real estates
  • No knowledge in real estates investment
  • Difficulty to handle on the process

Swarm.Fund Introduction

Let us introduce you, Swarm.Fund. Swarm.Fund is Cooperative Ownership Platform for Real Assets.

What is a Cooperative Ownership Platform for Real Assets?

You can imagine it as the real estate funds. However, instead of just throwing in money and let the company decide on what to buy, what assets to buy and liquidate, you decide yourself. Swarm.Fund offers you a platform to perform all this action.

How can i be one of the member on the Cooperative Ownership Platform?

User can participate by buying the Swarm Token (SWM) which is a utility token that grant access to Swarm Network.


Why should i pick Swarm.Fund compare to traditional Real Estate Funds?

Flexibility and control is the thing that we look at. Traditional real estate funds just take your money and invest on what they think could be profitable, where user basically has zero control over their funds. Swarm.Fund is different, by using the platform, user can decide and control their risk thanks to the flexibility of the platform. They can decide whether they wanted to invest in risky fund with high return, or safe investment with normal return. Everything is on the user’s control.

Is the real estate available in Swarm.Fund good estates?

There’s no need to worry about it. The particular potential real estate is potential because one of the Swarm member has access to deal with exclusively via her network. She has good network to find out on the potential estates that could be a good investment. Furthermore, Swarm.Fund offers a feature call “Swarm’s Reputation Model“.

What is Swarm’s Reputation Model?

Swarm Reputation Models allow user to check on the historical performance of a member in a network. This allows user to follow the expertise in the platform.

Swarm.Fund Business Model

What can i do with the SWM Token?

As mentioned, aside from access to the Swarm Network. The main feature is that you can choose to invest in real estates fund with SWM Token.

What happens when i decided to invest on a real estate sub fund project?

Once a user decided to invest on a real estate project, they will deposit the SWM tokens into the pool. The pools of token will then be use as a collateral for investment because the Tokens has real value in it. There is no middleman fees, no slow process thanks to the help of Blockchain by integrating SWM tokens with Swarm.Fund.

How much will i make and how will i be paid?

This question is interesting and no-one can assure anything regard on the Return of investment (ROI) because risk implied in every project. However, the best thing with Swarm.Fund is the way of its repayment investment.

Instead of investing at a time, and get paid at one time. Swarm.Fund make it differently, once you invested your SWM Tokens, user will then reap the benefits of SUN tokens which are minted as a profit of investment. SUN tokens will be distributed back time by time. User can then reinvest on another project even if the user is already investing on the existing project with SUN tokens.

What is SUN Tokens?

SUN Tokens is a security tokens which facilitates the financial opportunities by Swarm, or you can consider it as a currency tokens. It can be use to reinvest in project or cash out for money.

Swarm Fund Partner

Swarm.Fund Partners

Swarm Funds has partner up with multiple big companies like Bitcoin Suisse AG, GNOSIS and more. Furthermore, if you are one of the wings supporter, you can find that wings is also a partner of Swarm.Fund where they offer forecast on the result of Swarm.Fund

A good project would always require a lot of good partners in order to success.

Swarm.Fund ICO

Token Distribution

  • Public Contributors: 33%
  • Team: 33%
  • Past Contributors: 33%

Raise Target: $55,000,000 USD
Funding Token: ETH
Tokens supply in ICO: 33,000,000 SWM
Price of SWM: Varies according to the premium formula around $1~4

swarm fund benefit


If you are someone who are interested with Real estates, yet wanted to control the funds you invested within your flexibility. Swarm.Fund is something you are looking at which will help you in your future. Furthermore, the pre profit payment in SUN tokens allow user to reinvest in more projects. Blockchained real estate platform is a brand new thing that people are looking at, a new idea, new invention. Good luck!

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