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We’ve talk about playing lottery online previously. Today, we will talk about aside from playing, me, you, everyone could potentially become one of the investor of

Investor means profit, meaning there’s no need to learn any coding skill, website management skill, and etc. You can just be part of, wait for user to purchase ticket from their website, and collect your profit after that.

Join Trueflip.Io – Flip profit

When we talk about Trueflip, we are talking about something serious here. Unlike many other ICO where ideas came before ICO and product is only launch once ICO is done. is something that everyone is looking for to invest. Instead of launching the product after ICO, they already has their idea and their online lottery platform launch! Isn’t that COOL?

You can find the road map below, everything is clear and transparent

Trueflip Roadmap

Personally, based on a lot ICO that we’ve seen. There are not much ICO that actually has a product before they launch their ICO.

Why do need an ICO if they already had a product?

It is very straightforward, wanted to expand their business, increase their lottery jackpot size and also bring profit to the investors. As of  14/7/2017, the current lottery jackpot is around 47BTC for the first prize.

On the Trueflip website, we mentioned that they are very transparent. Therefore, we can also check how much lottery tickets they sold in the last few day here

Trueflip Lottery Ticket Sold Uniqueness

Trueflip Uniquness

Uniqueness in Trueflip ensure them having far more advantage compare to their competitor. First of all, they are the first lottery online available in the blockchain industry. There are a lot of similar concepts in this industry but there are all not ready made.

Transparency will attract a lot of players to their platform, more players = more profit for the website = more profit for investor too!

Independence of Trueflip. Trueflip is decentralized and work virtually with the help of blockchain where it doesn’t rely on a fix party to conclude or decide a result.

Bright Future of Trueflip. We strongly agree that base on their current development speed and product that exist, they already captured the existing market share and there will be more and more players attracted and play in the platform soon. Trueflip did very great marketing on social media, press release and also advertising on websites.

Benefit of holding Trueflip Token

I know everyone is waiting for this part, be patient because we are showing to you right now!

  • Profit
  • More Profit
  • Better Profit

Why is all the benefit the same? Because everyone in this industry of investing in ICO or online casino is looking for profit! By holding Trueflip token, you are entitled a share of Trueflip revenue and also makes you a Trueflip shareholder.

How likely will you make profit? Very Likely. The reason why this happens is due to the nature of gambling. There will always be more people who lose than more people who win. Lets look at the winning chance of lottery

Trueflip Chance of winning

Look at the chance of winning, then you will know why online casino or offline casino is always on profit. But there’s always a chance where the players still win, as the casino is not rigged and Trueflip pays the winnings to the winner. Therefore it is provably fair and good for both casino and player.

How much profit i can make?

Trueflip profit calculator

Based on the default calculator which found in the site. If an average ticket sold is : 15,000 Per day.

After deducting every expenses like marketing, operation. User could expect a yearly profit of 0.00005 BTC Per Trueflip Token. And if you purchase 1000 Tokens, you will expect to earn back 0.05 BTC in a year. With 15,000 Ticket sold daily, user can expect a yearly profit of

1 TFL is currently =  0.0005 BTC | 50K Satoshi

1 TFL yearly profit = 0.00005 BTC | 10 % P.A

So when the minimum of daily 15,000 Ticket sold, you could expect to earn a constant revenue of 10% per year base on how much Trueflip token you purchased.

And this is the lowest you can expect. With just a low jackpot pool now, already has around 1,000 – 2,000 ticket purchased daily.

Buy Trueflip Token

Token Sale

There are still 2 weeks left. And currently $3,000,000 + has been raised which is around 1000+ BTC.

Right within 1000-2000 BTC, user who invest could get extra 20% of token!

There are 1086 Investors right now, don’t miss out the sales!

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