Lazy to buy lottery in a physical store? Get it online at!

Ever wanted to buy lottery but feel shy or lazy to went out? Trueflip Got you!


Trueflip Online Lottery with Blockchain

Trueflip Are you being serious? Buying Lottery online? With Bitcoin? Is this even possible? Really?

If you have doubt on it, we are hereby to tell you. Yes this is a brand new Lottery!

We are being serious, Trueflip is a real business there which has already paid out more than 31 BTC (Approximately $70,000) since 3 months ago which is 1st of April!

Problem with traditional lottery/online lottery

The main problem with traditional lottery is 

  • Inconvenient
  • User tend to forgot and sometimes even missed out the prizes
  • Not every country has it
  • Draw not occur frequently
  • Result might be not provably fair

Trueflip solves all the issue on top! Why? Trueflip is a lottery which is available online and built on top of a blockchain which can played by every player all across the world. It is convenient and fair due to its natural of good user interface, ease of ticket purchase, and provably fair.

Player who are interested can purchase the ticket on Trueflip site by paying bitcoin. Each ticket just cost 0.001 BTC ~ around $2.5-3 per ticket. And you stand a chance to win 43 BTC! (As 5th of July 2017) and it is increasing day by day. The draw of the lottery occur daily, and the lottery is draw every 24hour!

Trueflip Guess

How can players prove that Trueflip is decentralized and provably fair?

For players who have doubt on Trueflip, Trueflip uses the blockchain technology which everything is automated and verified by the system. Humans could not changed the result since it is built on top of blockchain. User can check the code here – Trueflip provide open source on Github, therefore user could check before they play.

Trueflip Chance of winning

Chance of winning

Based on the Image above, you could look at and find out what’s the chance of winning the prize.

Do you think its hard to win at 1: 49,504,950? Even 1:5,241? Then you are wrong, everything is possible

Look at draw #Draw 90 29/06/2017 Here Trueflip Draw 90

Look at the Draw, Everything is clear, transparency and fair. Everyone could find the past result easily by just visiting their archive draw.

On Draw #90, There are

869 Participants

1622 Bets from the 869 Participants, which show some people bought 2 and above

Payment to the user who won : 0.992 BTC

Jackpoet Increased on : 0.364 BTC

See? Everything is clear which transparency is what Trueflip Looking at!

Are you interested to play right now?

If your answer is yes, here’s your free ticket : Free Ticket

Register, Confirm your email and simply select a number to participate one free draw and stand a chance to won up to 43 BTC, Good luck!

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Thanks for reading, we will talk about Trueflip ICO in the next article, which is mainly for the investors!

This article is for the players, have fun in Trueflip!