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War of the Magi- New project in the game world

War of the Magi- New project in the game world

warofthe metagold war

War of the Magi is a new arrival on the web. It is a turn based multiplayer online card game. If you are very much interested to test yourself in the ancient art of spells and magic then you can aspire to become a young magician and also learn and master the several elements like ice and fire and so on. First of all, you should understand the secret behind the knowledge of magic. If you increase the secret knowledge, it will consider starting of an excellent path of war as well as vengeance. This will lead you become a master of this war magic. In order to enhance your knowledge and magic skills, you have to explore the dozens and dozens of spells.

This war of Magi contains an exciting story campaign of 50 missions. By improving your knowledge and skills, you will become the most formidable and greatest magician in the game world. It also contains multiplayer mode with a league system and have amazing visual effects and excellent graphics. The only thing have to do is to discover how far magic can bring you. Actually, the war of magi is available in the form of three project sections like game project 1, game project 2 and game project 3. The future titles of war of Magi are developed by the MetaGold LLC.

The MetaGold is a standard token based on the Ethereum block chain that serves as a native in-game currency in the war of magi game world.

Gameplay Video

Initial coin offering in Meta gold

There are totally 8, 000, 000 MEG tokens available under the distribution such as

  • 6, 000, 000 MEG for ICO participants
  • 200, 000 MEG for bounties and campaigns
  • 900, 000 MEG for the MetaGold developers team
  • 900, 000 MEG for partners, advisors and third parties

Crowd sale

Game play of war of the Magi

In the war of magi game play, the purpose of using MetaGold token is buying the limited edition in-game items such as

  • booster packs
  • characters
  • custom skins and cards
  • more.

During the game play, you can also share your items, sell them, trade them or keep them locked like a true collector. However, all these transfers are efficiently and safely stored on the Ethereum block chain, which could be easily verifiable by everyone. This means that your valuables could never be deleted or sized and no third party operator can interfere in the markets.

If you dream about MMO, you just take a look at this second. The miner is mining all types of metals and selling it in the game for the buyers to purchase. By using actual crypto tokens, you can also sell and withdraw on crypto currency exchange. Usually, the blacksmith is buying those metals from him and sell it in the shop or on the internet auction to the top bidder. After that he can buy himself a new set of tools. By exchanging tokens, he can build a new home for himself by using those tools and materials that he has already purchased in various places.

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