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We are hereby to inform you about a new exchange project – WCEX.CO

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What’s so special about this exchange compare to others?

  • Tiny Fees. Some exchanges charge up to 1% in fees on every transaction. WCX is 10x cheaper and market makers are paid. That means more money stays in your pocket.

By comparing to other exchange, WCEX charge only up to 0.1% fees for every transaction. Compare to most of the exchange which offers lowest transaction fee of 0.2%. This also shows that you could perform 10 trades in WCEX and 1 trades in some other exchange platform with the same fees.

  • Secure. 98% of customer funds are kept in cold storage at all times. Server infrastructure is segregated and protected with the latest security software.

Security is always concerned by everyone. 98% of customer funds/deposit is store in cold storage. Cold storage is also known as offline wallet, which means it is not hack able or compromised unless they actually access to the physical location. 

  • Built For Scale. Our trading engine was built by Wall Street veterans and field tested for three years, relaying over one million transactions per second without hiccups.

An exchange which scale multiple transactions without hiccups is very important because once the user base grown up, a very good trading platform and efficiency is what everyone is looking for as there is so many competitor out there.

  • Radically Better User Experience. A unified and powerful trading dashboard means WCX feels fast, fluid, and intuitive on both desktop and mobile.

A good and powerful trading dashboard, User interface is available in WCX so everyone knows how to use.

  • Awesome Customer Support. Our scalable customer support team is ready to answer your questions whenever you need to ask them, even in times of high traffic.

A great customer support is available in , there is no worry that you couldn’t find any support because they will have multiple staffs available.

  • Global & Anonymous. Start trading wherever you are in the world – no ID verification required. WCX operates entirely with digital currency and does not deal with banks.

WCX operates fully just on Cryptocurrency where no Fiat currency is involves, no ID verification is required so you can just sign up and trade.

  • Advanced Order Types. Easily submit market, limit, stop, trailing stop, and block orders that work exactly as you expect – with unmatched execution speed.

Great Trading feature like early submit order, limit order and etc is available too in WCX.

  • High-Performance API. Trade programmatically by connecting directly to WCX through REST, WebSocket, or FIX for high frequency traders.

Great API to use to integrate with others parties or system where functions can be made with the help of API.

  • Team. Our team comes from Apple, Deutsche Bank, and IBM, and has decades of experience in building secure, distributed, and massive-volume systems.

Last but not least, a great team is always what people are looking at. At WCEX, we have teams from the top industries like Apple, DB, IBM and etc.

Benefit of holding WCX Tokens

  • As a holder of WCX tokens, you’re entitled to a portion of WCX’s revenue.
  • 20% of all revenue generated by WCX is automatically paid out to token holders, in amounts based on each holder’s share of the total amount of tokens.
  • WCX collects fees in many digital currencies, holding WCX tokens is equivalent to holding a passive income portfolio of diverse digital currencies.

As conclusion, being part of the WCX tokens will entitle the user which is you to earn revenue of the trading fees they made. 20% which is 1/5 of the revenue will be automatically paid to the WCX Tokens holder.

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